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OFFICERS AT BIKE RODEO. Becker Reserve Officer Erickson (L) and BPD Officer Voigt (R) were on hand at Tuesday’s Bike Rodeo. They took a moment to chat with parents Gina and Adam and kids Marshall and Cordelia. (Photo by Katherine Cantin.)
READY TO RIDE! Brothers Connor (L) and Parker (R) were geared to go at the Becker Cub Scouts bike rodeo. (Photo by Katherine Cantin.)

Cub Scouts 2nd Annual Bike Rodeo is a “wheel” success!

Tuesday, the Becker Cub Scouts held their second annual “Bike Rodeo” in the Becker High School Parking Lot. Scouts and other kids from the community wheeled through obstacle courses and even tried their hands at roping pretend animals as they rode. 

On hand at the event were representatives of the Becker Police, Becker Fire, Sherburne County Sheriff Mounted Patrol, and Sherburne County Public Health, Fitzharris Bikes, and others. Kids were taught about bike safety as they went through the courses and spoke with representatives from the various organizations. 

Scout Leader Merrill Binnall said that the club held its first bike rodeo several years ago, but it was open only to cub scouts. Last year, in the midst of COVID-19, they opened the event to the entire community. Binnall said it ended up being a great way for the kids to have some fun while being outside and distancing themselves. They brought the event back this year, and hope to continue to grow the program in the future.