Saturday, June 22nd, 2024 Church Directory

Church Directory


Grace Lutheran Church (LCMS)

Pastor: David M. Johnson, 763-262-7782, 11185 27th Ave SE. Services: Sun. Worship 9am, Sun. School 10:30am, Wed. J.U.M.P. 6pm.

 Becker Baptist Church

Pastors:  Nathan Bucher (Senior), Kevin Drehmel (Youth); Dir.of Child/Fam. Ministry:  Cissy Horstman, 763-261-4202, 11951 Hancock Street.  Sun. Worship/Kids Church 10:30 am. | Sun. School/AWANA 9:15am,  Wed. Imago Kids After-School 3-5pm, Wed. Youth 6:30pm during school year.

Becker Evangelical Free Church

Pastors: Gerald Deppa (Interim Senior), Chris Salvevold (Youth), 763-261-4125, Becker High School, Office: 11373 150th Ave SE. Services: Sun. Worship/Teaching/Fellowship 10am.

Mary of the Visitation Catholic Church

Father: Mike Kellogg, 763-447-3339, 12100 Sherburne Ave. Services: Sat. Mass 5pm, Sun. Mass 8:30am & 10:30am. Masses held 1st, 3rd & 5th Sundays of the month. (Masses held on 2nd & 4th Sundays in Big Lake). 

Faith (Becker) Lutheran Church (ELCA)

Pastor: Yolanda Denson-Byers & Vicar Molly Wills, 763-261-5751, 11755 Sherburne Ave. Services: Sun. Worship 9:30am (Holy Communion on the 1st & 3rd Sundays) Nursery available. Sun. school 9:55am, Refreshments & fellowship at 10:30am, Wed. programs: 6:00pm Wed. Worship, 6:30pm 7th – 9th grade confirmation, 7:30pm Youth Group 1st & 3rd Wed. Bible Studies: Tues. 9:00am 

Oakwood Community Church Assemblies of God

Pastors: Gerry Bass & Sarah, 763-220-6004, 13140 1st St (SW Corner of Becker Furniture World). Services: Sun. Bible Study/Sun. School 9am, Sun. Worship 10am.

Snake River Free Church

Pastor: Steve Johnston, 612-219-8648, 180th St SE. Services: Sun. Worship/Sun. School 10:30am., Hymn Sing is second Sun. of every month. 

Becker Christian Center & Abundant Grace Church

Pastor: Ken Hanson, 763-262-2177, 15455 59th St SE. Services: Sun. Praise & Worship 9:30am, Wed. Family Fellowship 7pm. 

Beacon House of Prayer

Pastors: Brian & Linda Holmes, 763-263-3771, 12264 Pleasant Ave. Services: Thurs. Worship 6:30pm. 

Free Grace United

Pastor: Kevin Wilson, 763-245-0001, Becker High School, 12000 Hancock St, Enter door 11. Services: Wed. Worship 6:30pm.


Acts Seventh-Day Adventists Community Church

Pastor: Bill Nixon, 763-263-2287, 20455 187th Ave NW. Services: Sat. Worship 9am, Sat. Sabbath School 10:15am.

Bethany Bible Church

763-263-2167, 511 Eagle Lake Road. Services: Sun. School 9am, Sun. School 9am, Sun. Worship 10am.

Bridgeview Assembly of God

Pastor: Steve Royalty, 763-263-6274, 20500 County Road 11. Services: Sun. Worship 9am & 10:45am, Wed. groups (kids/youth/adults) 6:30pm.

SVEA Hill Covenant Church

Pastor: Don Bellach, 763-263-6322, 16392 235th Ave NW. Services: Sun. Worship 10am.

Cornerstone Baptist Church

Pastor: Gordon Langdon, 763-263-7878, 15300 County Road 35. 

Hope Lutheran Church (ELCA) in Orrock



Pastores: Juan & Patricia Aguayo, 763-607-5403, 21 Lake St N. Services: Sat. 6pm. 

Lord of Glory Lutheran Church

Pastor: Marty Mably, 763-263-3090, 15550 190th Ave NW. Services: Sun. 8am & 10:30am. 

Mary of the Visitation Catholic Church

Father: Mike Kellogg, 763-447-3339, 440 Lake St N. Services: Sat. Mass 5pm; Sun. 8:30am & 10:30am. Masses held on 2nd & 4th Sundays of the month (Masses held on 1st, 3rd & 5th Sundays in Becker). 

Riverside Church

Online:, 763-263-2410, 20314 County Road 14. Services: Sun 8:45am, 10:30am & 12:05pm. 

Saron Lutheran Church

Pastor: Kyle Sidlo, 763-263-2209, 311 Lake St. S. Services: Sun. Worship 9:30am, indoors or livestream.

Spirit Life Church

763-262-LIFE, 221 Lake Street North. Services Sun. mornings 9:45am. Going Deeper Sun. 9am. Prophetic Prayer Wed. 7pm.


South Santiago Lutheran Church ELCA

Pastor: Allison Peterson, 763-662-2048, 14675 37th St. Services: Sun. 8am & 10am., Sun. School 9am. 

Our Savior’s Lutheran Church E.L.S. & Princeton Evangelical School

Pastor: Timothy Zenda, 763-662-2570, 18977 17th St. Services: Sun. School/Bible Class 10:30am, Divine Worship 9am.

Glendorado Lutheran (ELCA)
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (ELCA)

Pastor: Shari Routh, 920-573-0193, 1100 186th Ave NE. Services: Sun Good Shepherd 9am, Sun. Glendorado 10:30am.

Gethsemane Church (ELCA) – Ronneby

Pastor: Barbara Peterson, 320-983-5002, 14478 78th St. NE. Services: Sun. Worship 10am.

Glendorado Evangelical Country Church

Pastor: Sam Alfano, 763-662-2244, 16999 Glendorado Road NE. Services: Sun. School 9:30am, Sun. Worship 10:30am.


Living Waters Church

320-699-0876, 7830 Church St. Services: Sun. Worship 10am, Starting in Sept. Wed. night Ladies in Recovery study at 6:30pm.

Trinity Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

Pastor: Josh Reber, 320-743-2919, 8641 Main Ave. Services: Sun. Worship 8:45am, Sun. School 9:45am.

SHED Church - Non-Denomination

Pastor: TBD, 320-241-0123, Clear Lake City Hall, 7684 1st Ave. W. Services: Sun. 10am.

St. Marcus Catholic Church

Father: Joseph Backowski, 320-743-2481, 8701 Main Ave. Services: Mon. & Wed. Mass 8am, Sat. Confessions 4:15pm, Sat. Mass 5pm, Sun. 8am.


St. Lawrence Church

Father: Joseph Backowski, 320-968-7502, 10915 Duelm Road NE. Services: Sun. Mass 10am, Tues. Mass 8am.


Clearwater United Methodist Church

Pastor: Alison Hendley, 320-558-2581, 405 Main St. Services: Sun. Worship 9:30am. 

Freedom Bible Baptist Church

320-434-3747, 605 Lime St. (Old Clearwater Post Office). Services: Sun. Prayer 9am, Sun. School 9:30am, Sun. Worship 10:45am.

Rejoice Lutheran Church – ELCA

Pastor: Jim Bump, 320-558-6851, 1155 County Road 75. Services: Sun. School that begins in Worship 9:30am. Livestream worship at Rejoice’s Youtube Channel,

Church of St. Luke

Father: Dennis Backer, 320-558-2124, 17545 Huber Ave NW. Services: Sat. Mass 5pm, Sun. Mass 8am & 10am, Weekday Mass Tues.-Fri. 8am/Sat. 9am. 

Tri-County Alliance Church

Pastor: David Fogal, 320-558-2750, 8464 160th St NW. Services: Sun. School 9am, Sun. Worship 10:30am.


Immanuel Lutheran Church

Pastor: Ken Tatkenhorst, 763-878-2820, 11390 Elliot Ave NW. Services: Sun. Worship 9am

Silver Creek Community Church

Pastor: Zach Pryor, 320-963-3957, 4282 114th St NW. Services: Sun. Worship 9am, Sun. Fellowship 10am, Sun. School 10:30am.


Faith Lutheran Church

Pastor: Joshua Reber, 320-252-3315, 3000 County Road SE. Worship: Sun. 10:15am.