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7th grade volleyball Left to right (standing): Lily Sevek, Meera Amin, Paiton Ganley, Rose Maxson and Ivy Sanchez. Kneeling: Autumn Rondo, Taylor Menke, Arianna Sterrett, Jayna Rotz and Zoe Schneider. Sitting: Deqa Mohamed, Tatum White, Alivia Voss and Katelyn Keeler. Not pictured: Layla Aasen, Allison Kretsch and Lindsey Turbeville. (Submitted Photo).
8th grade volleyball Left to right (standing): Cora Miller, Gabby Barthel-Scott, Reece Henien, Alyssa Wondrow, Cortnee Kreager, Ashlynn Hennig and Kira Vogt. Kneeling: Kendall Munter, Amelia Tanner, Emily Darland, Addison Holmen, Amara Obia and Tori McKeon. Sitting: Richanda Dayee, Izzy Moudry, Kamrynn Tschritter, Taylor Choate and Morgan Pearce. Not pictured: Ariel Chaparro and Ava Jacobs. (Submitted Photo)

Hornet volleyball has bright future

Along with the superb success of the Big Lake Hornet varsity volleyball team, the future looks tantalizingly bright for the Hornet program as the seventh and eighth grade teams enjoyed  a prosperous 2020.

“What a miracle it was to even have a season this year,” said Coach Ann Segner. “The coaching staff at Big Lake Middle School were thrilled to have these dedicated players come to the gym even on their “At home/distance learning days” to play volleyball together.” 

Segner says the girls really made the time they had together meaningful by staying focused and being positive. 

“We were one of the only teams in our conference who never had to cancel a match due to COVID,” she said. “So the girls got lots of competition.” 

By the end of the season, each girl made improvements by leaps and bounds, the coaches said. 

“(We are) looking forward to having them back for a ‘normal’ season next fall either as eighth graders or in the high school program.

Big Lake’s coaches are  April Bischoff, Becca Hartel and Ann Segner.