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US Site Work held a Golf Fundraiser for TCC at Pebble Creek recently and presented the organization with a check for over $10k. Submitted Photo).

TCC: Until every child has a family

The Compassion Connection was established in 2017 by several foster parents on a mission — a mission to bridge the gaps in support and resources throughout the foster care system. 

They started out in one of the parents’ garages until they outgrew that space and at which time, Becker Baptist Church graciously allowed them to use The HUB to store their Resource Closet items for families in need. 

While the group specializes in caring for foster and adoptive families, their Resource Closet is open to anyone in need due to the over abundance of clothing and tangible items that their “village” continues to donate and give.  

If the organization can provide families with the things they need for their kids on the forefront, they can keep their heat and lights on and water running and hopefully avoid the possibility of children entering the child welfare system.  

On June 16, U.S. SiteWorks hosted a Golf Outing at Pebble Creek with all proceeds benefiting The Compassion Connection.  The organization is incredibly grateful for this generous gift that will allow them to continue to impact vulnerable children and families in the community and throughout Central Minnesota.  

The Compassion Connection is led by experienced foster parents, child development experts, child welfare advocates and a board of passionate and diverse community members. Each one brings different first hand experiences and understanding which allows them to connect directly with foster and adoptive families in ways that help them feel empowered and part of a larger mission.  Because most of the participants are foster parents themselves, they have a deep understanding of how the system works and the challenges foster parents face. 

As they say, their eyes are open to the harsh realities of a broken system. 

Though they offer practical support and resources, they also address the root causes at work in the child welfare system and work toward a future where no family or child lacks the support they need to thrive. The group’s mission is to come alongside children and families in the child welfare system and show them that they are not alone. 

TCC is completely volunteer run and most supplies come from donations and generous donors. So far in 2022, they have filled over 150 requests from social workers, foster parents, community members and more which served more than 400 children. TCC is currently collecting school supplies and new sneakers (or gift cards for new shoes) for their annual Back to School Foster Picnic so that foster children have what they need for the start of the school year and can go to school in style like everyone else!

Because of the organization’s generous community members in Central MN, the TCC are once again busting at the seams and are currently dreaming of having their own space to be able to provide even more services such as supervised visits, support groups and more. Their closet is a resource that is used by so many families in Central Minnesota and surrounding areas that they think its imperative that they find their own permanent space so that these families and these kids can continue to thrive. 

TCC asks that if one has a space or idea for their nonprofit, to reach out to them at or find them on Facebook and Instagram at