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So Far, So Good With Isagenix Program

Well, we started our 30-day weight loss challenge Saturday after receiving our “box of goodies” Friday evening. 

My “kit” is different from Terri’s and is called the weight loss president’s pak. It includes four jugs of IsaLean Shakes (Chocolate and Vanilla), one bottle of Natural Accelerator, one bottle of Isagenix Snacks, one bottle of IsaFlush, two large bottles of Cleanse for Life, one large bottle of Ionix Supreme, one energenix packet, one box of IsaDelights chocolate bars, one ageless essentials with product B pill pack, one box of IsaLean breakfast bars, one box of six bottles of e+ energy drinks, one rejuvity sampler pack, one IsaBlender and some marketing information.
Terri’s kit includes four jugs of IsaLean Shake mix, one Ionix Supreme canister, two Cleanse for Life canisters, one bottle of Isagenix snacks, one bottle of Natural Accelerator, one energenix pack, one bottle of IsaFlush and a guide.
Saturday, we both took our products according to the menu and schedule and we both felt a little euphoria after downing the Ionix Supreme. I felt my mind was a little clearer and I felt a little lighter in my step.
By the afternoon, I did get a little tired and a little hungry (around 2:30-3 p.m.), but downed an e-shot and felt better right away. We basically have five “meals” a day which includes a “real” meal at dinner where we enjoyed a steak and vegetable meal that filled us up.
Sunday was pretty much the same as Saturday except we had Chicken with veggies for dinner. Again, I felt a little tired in the afternoon and even took a one-hour nap at around 4:30 p.m.
From Saturday to Sunday, I had gained one pound (what?). 
Not getting discouraged, Monday I woke up and had lost 3.5 pounds overnight (yippee). That day I substituted a shake breakfast for the IsaLean Oatmeal bar and loved it! Very filling and tasty.
As part of my weight loss/healthy journey, I am also doing pushups and situps every day.
Wednesday and Thursday were our “cleanse” days where we don’t have any shakes or “real” meals, but drink several helpings of the Cleanse for Life and eat some of the snacks they supply. The Cleanse for Life juice is not very tasty (to be totally honest), but it’s what we have to go through in order to succeed in this program.
The cleanse increases our immunity, continually aids in the removal of toxicity and helps support healthy adrenals, among other things.
Wednesday, I felt hungry at times during the day (expected) and had a nagging headache for most of the afternoon that stayed with me overnight. Felt better Thursday morning.
Terri has had a rough week. She is excited she has lost weight (seven pounds so far), but still is having intestinal problems that may or may not be a “bug”. She also has been verbally exclaiming she is craving “regular” food.
Despite that, she promises to be a trooper and continue the quest for the whole month.
As of Friday, I’ve lost 10 pounds and Terri nine. Not bad for one week.
We’ll see you next week with more results!