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TEACHER CAROLYN OLSEN distributed books to students. The program encourages students and their families to read together to enhance the enjoyment of books.
MULTIPLE SOURCES. Computers played a role at Literacy Night at the Becker Intermediate School last Tuesday, as patents and students enjoyed an evening of reading together from a number of varied sources.
READING TOGETHER. Parents and students gathered in the media center. Students won books in various contests, and spent time reading with their parents during the program, which encourages families to read together to share the experience of books.

Literacy Night Proves Popular

The cold weather did not keep devoted readers indoors Tuesday evening as the Becker Intermediate School enjoyed a goodly number of parents and students taking part in the “Literacy Night” effort at the school media center.

Among the attendees were Principal Dr. Christine Glomski and her children, along with teachers, school staff and community volunteers.  The evening program included pizza and games with books as prizes, as well as a book exchange.
The theme for the evening program was “Share the Love of a Book”, with parents and students reading together from a variety of sources, including computers.  The evening was sponsored by the Becker PTSA.