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LIONS MEMBERS TAMMY WEBER, LONNIE WEBER, AND CHRIS VIEAU posed on the new dock at Snuffy’s Landing, donated by the Minnesota DNR. (Photo by Katherine Cantin.)
SARAH SCHMIDT donated a life jacket safety sign as a part of her Girl Scout Gold Award Project. (Submitted photo.)

Lions make plans for Snuffy’s Landing

Work will soon start on upgrades to Becker’s Snuffy’s Landing, the destination of the new Lions Park. Recently, a new dock was donated to the park by the DNR, but this is only the first of many changes coming to the Becker landmark.

Lions Park at Snuffy’s Landing

For the last six months, the Becker Lions Club has been making monthly donations to the city to be used towards upgrades to Snuffy’s Landing. In return for the contribution, the park will be renamed Lions Park at Snuffy’s Landing, and the city will take responsibility for maintaining the park.

With a total of $18,000 donated so far, the Lions and the city are ready to get started on some upgrades to the park. The agreement between the Lions and the city states that the Lions will donate another $18,000 over the next six months, but it is possible the Lions will continue to contribute funds to the project after that point. 

Donated Equipment

The first change visitors can enjoy is the new dock on the river, donated and placed by the DNR. The dock is in place now, and was recently raised by the DNR, after the high waters submerged it. The DNR also donated a concrete slab at the boat landing and dredged out the launch area.

The city will be donating some playground equipment to the park as well. This is used equipment from Carl E. Johnson park, located several blocks north of the fire hall. The park received new play equipment last fall. The city decided to use the old equipment at Snuffy’s, in order to gauge how well visitors will treat play equipment before investing in new equipment.

Lions Pavilion

One big project that will start soon will be the Lions Pavilion. This pavilion will be inspired by the other Becker Lions Pavilion at the Becker Athletic Complex. The pavilion at Snuffy’s will feature a mural in tribute to the Lions Club and their history in Becker. Eventually, Lions and city staff hope to add permanent bathrooms to the pavilion as well.

Girl Scout Gold Award Project

One girl scout, Sarah Schmidt, decided to create a boat safety sign as a part of her Gold Award project. The sign encourages boaters to wear life jackets while on the river. The sign is displayed next to the boat launch.

Other Planned Additions

The Lions hope to eventually add hiking and snowmobiling trails and campsites to the area. They have approached the DNR to apply for a grant to add a fishing pier near the area where they plan to put the playground equipment. New signage will be purchased with the new name – Lions Park at Snuffy’s Landing – and the Lions plan to petition MNDoT to add signage on Hwy. 10 directing travelers to the park. A new staircase leading down to the river from the parking area is also in the works. 

For security, the Lions are looking at adding a gate to the east side of the park, where they plan to put the pavilion, to limit vehicle traffic. They are also considering adding security cameras in the future.