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Light Agenda At Becker Township

The Becker Township Board met Tuesday (because of President’s Day) and dealt with a very light agenda.

Members of the board discussed the culvert replacement project spanning the Snake River on 185th Ave. between Co. Rds. 73 and 4. 
They also talked about  where people can purchase proper mailbox supports (if need be) and Clerk Cindy Messman said she is looking  into vendors but said  Menards has them along with ML Schendzielos & Son Inc. and Sherburne County. The current standards are on the Becker Twp. website at: or people can contact Messman at township hall by phone at: 763-261-5301 or by email at:
The board also issued a reminder to citizens to clear snow around and under their mailboxes each time it snows.
The board also discussed the amounts of snow received and some road work projects for this summer. Reporting on the fire board, members gave  approval for a new SCBA compressor. 
Permits for utility work in the township right of ways were discussed as well and will be available online in the near future.  
The board issued a reminder that the date for the Board of Appeal and Equalization meeting has been set for April 15 at 9 a.m. at township hall.
The next Becker Twp. Board meeting is March 17 at 7 p.m.