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Clear Lake Township Board Chairman Bud Stimmler

C.L. Township Approves New Contract For Snowplowing

The Clear Lake Twp. Board approved a new snowplow policy Tuesday contingent on the review and approval of contractor Todd Schendzielos of Schendzielos and Sons.

Board Member Bud Stimmler said the policy looked good overall, but he was interested in changing some wording in the document in relation to mailboxes being struck by the snowplow trucks.
Stimmler said a line in the contract says, “snowplow activity” and he would like to see the wording changed to “snowplow equipment”. The board members agreed and the policy was approved contingent on the contractor’s approval with a final approval being official at the March Twp. Board meeting.
George & Carol Frey
The Freys returned to Tuesday’s Clear Lake Twp. meeting because they said they still need the township to officially “bless” their project of splitting 80 acres of property and creating a new parcel number for the split.
The Freys have been back-and-forth with the township and the county over the last several months and recently were told by the county to get approval of their split from the township board and have a comment form re-submitted to the county. The Freys figure the county is dubious to the fact the Freys do not intend to build on the split property and want to make certain all parties involved are in agreement.
Chairman Gary Gray said the board members will indeed fill out and sign the comment form and fax it down to the county that evening, identifying their approval of the project as long as the Freys meet the county requirements for the split.
Proposed Sewer Line
Gray said he wanted to open discussions concerning the “rumors” that the City of Foley is interested in building a pipeline from their city to Clearwater’s WWTF sometime in the future.
Gray and Stimmler said their biggest concern is the possibility of a line being pressed to go through personal properties including agricultural properties.
“We don’t want it going across private properties,” said Gray. “This is obviously in the very early stages of discussions but we as a township have to be proactive in this matter.”
Gray said he plans to invite further discussions on the subject at next month’s annual meeting (March 11).
History Book
Gray said he and Paul Goenner recently contacted a book writing team to consider putting together a written and pictorial history book on Clear Lake Township - to better preserve the antiquity of the area.
“It’s in the early planning stages and could take anywhere from two to three years to get done,” Gray said.
Gray said he’d like to see a history fact-finding committee formed to get a feel for people’s interest in the topic. He also said it’s another topic he plans to bring up at next month’s annual meeting.
Road Report
Engineer Eyk said sealcoat bids will be let on  March 18 in conjunction with the county with Eyk’s estimate coming in at around  $98,000. Eyk mentioned if the bids are not favorable, the township can pull out and re-bid on their own.
Eyk also said an invoice has been submitted to pay for the production and installation of new street signs for zones five and six in the township. Thirty directional signs are proposed to be installed in the spring which would mean around 90% of the required sign replacement project will be complete.
Other News
• The annual Board of Audit meeting has been scheduled for Feb. 25 at 9 a.m.;
• Daryl Tucker was named an election specialist/additional deputy clerk to alleviate any duties that come up where the township clerk and deputy clerk can’t perform;
• The board received the official contract for deed in the mail earlier in the week on the property the township recently purchased from the Goenner Farms people;
• Sixty-three calls for service came into the Sherburne County Sheriff’s Dept. for incidents related to the township in the month of January;
• Members of the fire department board got a first-hand look at the new thermal imaging cameras that can help fire fighters do their job safer and more efficient;
• Stimmler said he plans to attend a University of Minnesota tree pruning course that he feels will help his duties as he tends to the park.
The next Clear Lake Twp. meeting is March 18 at 7 p.m.