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State rep Shane Mekeland presented his job duties to 7th graders during the BMS career day. (Submitted photo.)
Chief Brent Baloun was one of the presenters to the 8th grade classes during BMS career day. (Submitted photo.)
John Watrin of Elite Concrete shared the duties of his career with sixth graders during the BMS career day. (Submitted photo.)
Area realtors Matt and Lindsey Marquette spoke about entrepreneurship during the BMS career day. (Submitted photo.)

Becker Middle School hosts annual Career Day

(Editor’s Note: The following article was submitted by Becker Schools.)

Tuesday afternoon was an exciting day at Becker Middle School, as the annual Career Day festivities allowed students the chance to consider what they might like to do once their school careers are finished.

Students in grades six, seven, and eight were treated to a variety of speakers representing careers from elected office to the trades and nearly everything in between.

“Career Day is an important chance for our students to understand the many opportunities that await them as they are transitioning into the high school and beyond,” said Principal Chantel Boyer. “Exploring these different career pathways gives our students the chance to ‘dream big” as they consider their adult lives.”

Research suggests that the middle school years are important ones for exploring and developing a growth mindset that allows students to consider a variety of different career paths. Each year, Becker Middle School tries to improve upon the successes of the previous career days to give students the best possible exposure to a variety of options.

“After our first Career Day two years ago, we wanted to continue to improve the experience for our students,” said Assistant Principal Ted Aleckson. “This year we targeted careers in as many different fields as possible that require a variety of different educational backgrounds.”

A total of 25 speakers came to the school to explain not only their job duties, but also the education required for the profession, as well as the future outlook for their chosen careers.  Overall, the speakers represented many different occupations, as well as varying levels of required training and education.

“We were excited to have a lot of individuals that work in the trades, but also individuals who have changed careers or have had multiple careers,” Aleckson added. “We really want the experience to be authentic for our students and for them to understand that your career should align with your passions and interests.”

Each student had the opportunity to listen to four different career presentations and pose questions to the speakers.

“We really appreciate the partnership we have built with the different industries and speakers who have been a part of our Career Day,” added Boyer.

This year’s speakers included: Shane Mekeland, MN House of Reps; Cedric Frazier, MN House of Reps; John Watrin, Elite Concrete; Shahzad Ahmad, SCSU; Kristie Frydenlund, Liberty Paper; Renee Giles, Nursing, CJ Giles, Pipefitter; Eva Krone, EcoLab Human Resources; Doug Strom, ProAct; Matt and Lindsay Marquette, Realtors; Ashley Lewandowski, Chiropractor; Amanda Helm, Structural Buildings; Tina Hengel, Realtor; Mike Ganz, Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers; Julie Blaha, MN State Auditor; Brandon Buesgens, Chiropractor; Brent Baloun, Law Enforcement; Bartt Gevens, City of Becker; Joey Heath, Nursing; Mike Swedal, Classic Car Restoration; Razaan Byrne, Pediatrician; Staza Pany, Accounting; Sarah Kortmansky, Sherburne State Bank; Zach Gardner, Military.