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RANDY SABART OF SEH discussed the Becker City 2014 road projects and answered questions from council at Tuesday’s meeting.

Becker City Council

Streets Supt. Joe Danielson and Randy Sabart of SEH submitted a resolution at Tuesday’s Becker City Council meeting to begin assembling plans and specifications for six 2014 street improvement projects.

The six projects include the rebuilding a section of Liberty Lane from Hwy. 10 to Sherburne Ave. and improving the street from a nine-ton road to a 10-ton road. They also plan to reclaim and overlay Industrial Blvd. and Industry Avenues, do hard surfacing of Hancock from Hwy. 10 to Industrial Blvd. and sealcoat Sherburne Ave. from Industrial Ave. to Liberty Lane and Liberty Lane to Co. Rd. 11.
The projects are set to commence this summer with Sabart soliciting for bids in the near future.
Sabart mentioned each project will be bid as a separate project which will give the city flexibility when it comes to final costs and approval.
Attorney Update
Sherburne County Attorney Kathleen Heaney presented to council the county-wide felony case statistics.  Heaney also provided council with information regarding the change the county has been seeing in juvenile mental health issues.  Heaney said the county is seeing an increase in juveniles using prescription drugs and committing suicide.   
She also mentioned the abuse of alcohol continues to be the “drug of choice”, though the county is no longer in the top 10 for counties with alcohol-related incidents.
Heaney also reminded those in attendance that Sherburne County has a prescription drug drop off site at the sheriff’s office that can be used to dispose of medications.
Police Department
Police Chief Brent Baloun put in a request for the purchase of a laptop and desktop computer for his department.
Baloun said over the last few months, the BPD has been working to upgrade and update their current computer systems based on a requirement from the FBI and the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. What is now mandated is a two-factor authentication process to provide more security when accessing databases and information.
Baloun pointed out the new systems no longer support Microsoft XP and would need to be replaced.
He also said his department ordered one laptop that was already budgeted for 2014 that will replace a laptop that is four-to-five years old. With the new computers for this year purchased, Baloun says it will put his department in a better position with the changes coming soon.
Price for the laptop requested is not to exceed $4,000 while the desktop computer would come in around $1,500. Baloun said he checked with the interim finance person and was told the police department’s revolving capital fund would have enough funds to cover th two purchases.
Unpaid Charges
Clerk Julie Blesi requested council call for a public hearing in March to consider assessment charges of unpaid snow removal fees for approximately 23 properties in the city.
Blesi said in early December of last year, the city cleared snow on numerous sidewalks and notices were sent out Jan. 14 to affected property owners notifying them of the work completed and giving them 30 days to pay the $75 fee.
Blesi said the property owners affected can still avoid the certification to the county by paying the $75 fee before next month or they will be charged an additional $50 to have the assessment certified.
The public hearing was put on the calendar for March 18.
Other News
• Shelly Mattson of Nix Restaurant mentioned she is the chairperson of the newly-formed TRAC group to evaluate and find solutions for the numerous teen suicides Becker has seen in the last few years. TRAC is the acronym for Together Raising Area Children. They will be meeting once or twice a month and consists of school officials, parents, citizens and business owners;
• Member Adam Oliver thanked the streets department for all their hard work so far during this winter season in clearing snow throughout the city;
• The Beyond the Yellow Ribbon committee is still looking for more volunteers to be a part of the organization which meets on the third Thursday of every month at 6 p.m. at city hall.
The next Becker City Council meeting is March 4 at 5 p.m.