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Sherburne County Recorder Vital Statistics Marriage Application Report For July 2022

Sherburne County Recorder

Vital Statistics Marriage Application Report

For July 2022

Kevin Daniel Carr and Iviee Marie Yager of Elk River; Chad Edward Undem and Jennifer Lynn Holden of Big Lake; Aaron Jon Pipenhagen and Cassandra Ann Tetrick of Big Lake; James Daniel Fischer and Sydney Larae Mueller of Saint Cloud; Kaitlin Nichole Otto and Alyssa Eleanor Gysberg of Rice; Tucker Rian Kmecik and Erin Noel Swaggert of Elk River; Suniko Paola Kavajara-Barrios and Cody Duane Nylin of Becker; Matthew William Franks and Alexa Lynn Olson of Plentywood, MT; Danielle Nicole Muellner and Cashea Brooke Meyer of Big Lake; Doris Ann Hemmesch and John Richard Tvedt of Big Lake; Leah Ann Norberg and Grayson Christopher Leder of Big Lake; Taylor Lee Mattson and Madison Nicole Minikus of Otsego; Sydney Ellen Phillips and Justin David Linderholm of Elk River; Azia Ren'e Dupont and Adam Jacob Fedie of Zimmerman; Jeremiah Thomas Baken and Stacy Anne Stegora of Elk River; Scott Christopher O'brien Jr. and Dana Rae Flickinger of Zimmerman; Jennifer Ann Nichols and Jeffrey Daniel Carter of Becker; Evan Wayne Lenz and Jessica Rae Cannon of Princeton; Tess Anna Hatfield and Weston Everett Smith of Big Lake; Samuel James Noland and Hollyann Victoria Carlson of Becker; Jordyn Johanna Brown and Kyle James Kreuger of Big Lake; Luke Richard Ehoff and Vanessa Renee Tenney of Otsego; Teconblah Terry Yarpah and Rochester Aubrey Watkins of Zimmerman; Yekaterina Nikolayevna Borg and Anthony Dennis Gail of Big Lake; Jessica Anne Fullerton Stenberg of Big Lake and Anthony Ray Sester of Rogers; Adam Abraham Fischer and Elizabeth Marie Studniski of Elk River; Chad Micheal Henderson and Tonya Rose-Ryan Labrec of Elk River; Anthony Raymond Brown of Boy River and Katherine Frances Buckley of Big Lake; Alex Greenwell Voigt and Amanda Nicole Bailey of Elk River; Ronald Kevin Fitzsimmons and Leanne Denise Medved of Elk River; Jeffrey Michael Jacobs and Kaylee Marie Marchand of Otsego; Michael John Butz and Kelsey Corrine Behrens of Big Lake; Mason Gene Loegering and Jaiden Rose Lund of Otsego; Chase Michael Klotz and Maci Lee Salvevold of Becker; Jack Thomas Hart and Jeana Nicole Tomlinson of Elk River; Matthew Alan Rymer and Nicole Raeann Remington of Zimmerman; Shawn Timothy Gerdes of Breezy Point and Kathryn Elizabeth David of Rogers; Christine Marie Spitzenberger and Derrek Carl Olson of Zimmerman; Jeremiah Joseph Dailey and Stephanie Marie Bowman of Princeton; Nicholas Robert Johnson and Megan Elizabeth Favorite of Big Lake; Collin Joseph Szabla and Zoe Madalyn Boehmer of Big Lake; Amy Meichelle Peickert and Randy Allan Nelson of Elk River; Leah Michelle Glime and Bryan Curtis Herbst of Elk River; Chad David Gustafson and Paige Olivia Verkinnes of Big Lake; Andrew Earl Osborn and Destinee Marie Wolfson of Big Lake; Colton Scott Olson and Tristina Marie Aguirre of Big Lake; Ryan Joseph Brambrink and Rudy Elizabeth Meyer of Clearwater; Ariann Marie Poppitz and Tracy Elizabeth Ore of Saint Cloud; Caitlin Alexandra Hoffman and Brandon Leonard Jenson of Big Lake; Ashley Fern Jensen and Patrick Nolan Valentine of Big Lake; Pamela Ann Schendel and Steven Michael Tomczyk of Zimmerman; William Joseph Rutherford II and Stacy Marie Loveland of Zimmerman; Robert Carl Nordin and Margaret Elizabeth Becwar of Otsego; Alexander Brock Smith and Jennifer Lynn Kaldor of Otsego; Carlos Arturo Pena Villanueva and Laura Arellanes-Cano of Big Lake; William John Larson and Yvette Thea Martin of Big Lake; Laura Ann Bihrle and Marcus Bryan Orrock of Otsego; Cheryl Mae Krotz of Elk River and Steven Daniel Bates of Zimmerman; Georgia Louise Stenberg of Saint Louis Park and Mitchell Christopher Weege of Elk River; Patrick David Wilke Jr. and Alexis Marie Nelson of Big Lake; Shawn Matthew Paine and Victoria Kathryn Braun of Elk River.