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Over 100 participants took off at the start of the Spud Fest Run The Lakes 3.7-mile run/walk Saturday morning. (Photo by Ken Francis.)

Over 100 compete in Spud Fest 3.7 mile run

More than 100 participants lined up on Lakeshore Dr. in Big Lake early Saturday morning for the Spud Fest Run The Lakes 3.7-mile run/walk.

It was cool, cloudy and humid as the runners took off along the course that would take them around Big Lake and Mitchell Lake to the finish line in Lakeside Park.

About 19 minutes later, the first athlete appeared along Hwy. 10 on the way to the finish line. It was Chris Caron, 30, who finished the course in 19:46.1 to the cheers of the small crowd.

Not far behind was former Hornet distance standout Matthew Trutna. He took second in 20:16.1.

It was a repeat of last year’s 8k Lakes Run when Caron and Trutna also finished 1-2 in 26:38.6 and 26:58.1 respectively.

Saturday’s next finisher was also the first female to cross the tape, Emily Lindenfelser, who ended her run in 24:44.1.

Becker’s Ella McDonald was the second female across the line, and fourth finisher overall, in 24:57.1.

The third place finisher for the men was Ethan Duncombe in 25:24.2. For the women it was Josey Nygaard in 25:25.9.

Prizes were given to the top three male and female finishers. The top three finishers in each category for women and men received medals: Under 20, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60 and over.

Top three results in each category were as follows:

Men under 20, Ethan Duncombe 25:24.2, Vince Kaley 25:27.0, Odin Duncombe 25:43.2;

Women under 20, Ella McDonald 25:57.1, Josey Nygaard 25:25.9, Olivia Babler 26:35.1;

Men 20-29, Matthew Trutna 20:15.1, Michael Aubol 28:59.1, Andrew Scherber 51:30.1;

Women 20-29, Michaela Duncan 39:48.9, Samantha Hurrle 37:43.4, Mo Lanners 40:02.3;

Men 30-39, Chris Caron 19:46.1, Stein Thorbeck 25:59.2, Dan Lundt 28:24.0;

Women 30-39, Emily Lindenfelser 24:44.1, Marie Lundt 31:03.1, Teresa Smock-Potter 34:07.5;

Men 40-49, Nathan Marcks 28:30.9, Brent Nygaard 30:01.3, Christian Wilson 32:28.9;

Women 40-49, Missy Trenz 26:09.2, Kim Winge, 29:20.0, Jenn Nygaard 33:43.0;

Men 50-59, Bill Blakeney 37:11.7, Robert Quade 40:26.5, Brian Burke 43:39.6;

Women 50-59; Kim Nygaard 27:58.1, Michele Stodham 30:49.1, Jean Hagberg 31:35.7;

Men 60 and over, Keno Avila 30:32.0, Dave Trefethen 40:45.0;

Women 60 and over, Rick Adamski 33:41.7, Chris Picha 41:48.1, Kelly Hance 54:35.9.

The youngest runner was Quincy Potter, age four. He finished the course in 48:14.7.

The oldest runner was Dave Trefethen, 74, who finished in 40:45.0.

There were 108 total finishers.