Thursday, January 21st, 2021 Church Directory
LINDA PEKAREK of Palmer stated, “I am so thankful for the Lord’s strength and protection through such a challenging year for so many.” (Submitted photo.)
STEVE HANSEN, Clearwater/St. Augusta, stated that “I am thankful that no matter what trials you go through, God helps you through those trials.” (Submitted photo.)
KELSEY WHITCOMB, a Becker resident, said, “This year, more than ever, I am thankful for the health of my family.” (Submitted photo.)
TERESE WEIS of the Palmer area, said, “I’m grateful to be at home with my family and thankful for the care they are able to give me. I am thankful for my faith in the good Lord.” (Submitted photo.)
DIANE JACOBSEN of Big Lake said she was grateful for health, family, a roof over her head, and plenty to eat. She also says, “I’m grateful I don’t have COVID, and I know we’ll get past this!” (Submitted photo.)
KRISTI GILYARD KELLY of Becker said “I am thankful for our wonderful Becker community. Amidst all the COVID anxiety, folks are managing. We are a strong community that cares about each other. I am thankful for those that can, wearing masks in businesses. Wearing a mask = caring. I am thankful for our spectacular employees.” (Submitted photo.)
KATHY WOOLARD from Santiago said, “I am thankful for our family and our health, despite a challenging year.” (Submitted photo.)
PAUL KNIER, Mayor-elect of Big Lake, said, “I’m thankful for Jesus Christ who died for me, rose again, and takes care of me every second of the day!” (Submitted photo.)
TIM GOENNER (L) Mayor of Clear Lake, stated that this year, he is hoping for a better 2021, and that he is grateful for a (hopefully) safe and healthy holiday season. (Submitted photo.)
TRACY BERTRAM Mayor of Becker, said “While 2020 has been a year unlike any other, I am grateful to those who have risen to the challenges in every way possible even while managing their own challenges.” (Submitted photo.)

What are you thankful for?

In honor of Thanksgiving, the Patriot reached out to some residents and leaders of the area, to learn what readers are thankful for this Thanksgiving.

All the staff at the Patriot Newspaper are thankful for the continued support of our kind, wonderful readers. Have a great Thanksgiving, and God Bless these communities!