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Updates galore for Palmer Twp.

It was an eclectic agenda full of updates at Monday’s Palmer Twp. Board meeting.

Sgt. Barett of the SCSO updated residents on the last month’s activity, which included a driver cited for a school bus stop arm violation, as well as the usual number of traffic stops.  There was also a robust discussion about golf carts and their legality on roadways, with several reports of children riding the rigs on roadways and being stopped by deputies.

Enforcement, possible ordinances and safety were discussed with those in attendance, and the board pledged to more closely examine the issue moving forward.

Road Report

In a not-so-shocking twist of events, the board discussed road maintenance and potholes.  Supervisor Mitch Wipper noted that 10 tons of patching material had already been applied, with a similar amount likely needed in the coming weeks.

Spraying of poison ivy, ditch mowing and calcium chloride applications were also discussed and approved.

The board next approved participation in a 56th St. cul de sac project to divert water and protect the roadway.

The issue of dead trees falling on roads was also brought up, with Chairman Mike Ganz asking residents to do their best to take care of damaged or dead trees before Mother Nature does her work and ends up obstructing the roadway during windy or overly wet conditions.

Fire Report

Clear Lake Fire Chief Ron Koren reported on his department’s 21 calls for service, which included downed power lines.  The protocols for when the department will be on site and when the supervisors will tend the area until the utility company arrives were also discussed.

Clean-Up Day

In clean up day news, Treasurer Roger Johnson noted 203 participants, 111 mattresses collected and a total cost to the township of approximately $1,300.

Park Report

The park report included an update on Palmer ball (over 250 kids playing in the program), the new ball field (obviously much needed based on the robust numbers), and efforts at parking control (a success since just two vehicles were on Co. Rd. 6).  Five new trees have also been planted in the park to get a start on replacing the oaks that are being removed due to disease.

A location has nearly been finalized for the new pickle ball area, and Johnson even provided an impromptu lesson on the etiquette surrounding the popular sport should the courts get backed up with eager participants awaiting their turn. 

Lakes Report

In Lake Association and Three Lakes Improvement District (TLID) news, there have been reports of Curly Leaf Pondweed on Elk Lake, which are being investigated.  The preliminary alum grant study was completed but won’t be finalized until the carp survey is completed in the fall, and water quality testing has commenced.  In terms of fish stocking, 60,000 walleye fry were released into Elk Lake, with 500 bluegills going into each Elk and Rush Lakes.

Supervisor Steve Demeules noted that currently the lakes were about two and a half inches below the threshold for the no wake zones and they had come within 3/8 of an inch of the mark earlier this spring.

Final Words

The supervisors finished up the meeting by passing an ordinance related to the work they do on township roads, as well as approving favorable comment for a simple plat lot split that will be headed to Sherburne County zoning.