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READ-A-THON CHAMP. Becker Middle School sixth-grader Madison B. won this bike for her performance in the 2015 Read-a-Thon sponsored by the Becker PTSA.
PRIMARY READER. Madeline M., a second-grader in Nathan Bucher's class, was the top reader at Becker Primary School in the 2015 Read-a-Thon project sponsored by the Becker PTSA. She is shown with the bike she won for her reading prowess.
MIDDLE SCHOOL WINNERS. Middle School students logged more than 86,000 reading minutes in the 2015 Becker PTSA Read-a-Thon, with 34 sixth-grade and 87 seventh-grade students also bringing in $135 in pledges during the event.
STUDENTS CHOOSE TO READ. In the G.R.A.B. (Go Read A Book) finale to their annual Read-a-Thon, the Becker PTSA gave away more than 1,500 books, according to PTSA President Ann Olson. A group of 374 Becker students took part in the Read-a-Thon program this year, logging a total of 257,439 minutes read and collecting $4,437 in pledges.
INTERMEDIATE READERS. A total of 102 third-, fourth- and fifth-grade students at Becker Intermediate School logged more than 97,000 reading minutes in the 2015 Becker PTSA Read-a-Thon, and collected $1,400 in pledges during the drive.

Students Drawn To Read A Thon

Becker PTSA President Ann Olson sent out a “Way to Go, Becker Students” message this week after posting the results of the 2015 Read-a-Thon, which she called “another successful Becker Schools reading program.”
The event had 374 students taking part this year from all district schools, and who logged a total of 257,439 reading minutes and collected a total of $4,437 in pledges during the drive.  The project concluded with the annual GRAB (Go Read a Book) event, in which more than 1,500 books were given away to Becker students as part of the drive to increase literacy.
School Numbers
Kindergarten students at Becker Primary School listed 37 readers who logged 12,619 minutes and raised $1,400.  The 41 first-graders there read 19,986 minutes and raised $600.  The 50 third-graders at the Intermediate School read 44,355 minutes and raised $1,000, while the 27 fourth-graders read 26,207 minutes and raised $200 and the 25 fifth-graders read 27,018 minutes and also raised $200.
The 34 Middle School sixth-graders read a total of 17,766 minutes, Olson said, and raised $75, and the seventh-grade group of 87 read 68,269 minutes and raised $60 in pledges.  A group of 36 Becker High School students read 23, 997, with no pledge figure listed.