Friday, October 22nd, 2021 Church Directory

Story brewing...

The Patriot Newspaper has been asked numerous times to publish a story in our publication about the recent administrative leave by BLPD Chief Matt Hayen and the story behind it. While many local news stations (Kare 11, KSTP, etc.) have reported on the issue with the basics, we at the Patriot are standing by until the truths surface and a complete story can be written.

Rumors are flying on social media about the current investigation, the past investigation of the former chief and who the ringleader is who has urged public officials to undertake these important investigations. Truthfully, the Patriot is having the same difficulty the news channels are having in obtaining information, interviews and documents associated with the investigations. We are trying to separate rumors with facts and allow our readers to decide for themselves.

Due to our earnest and rigorous standards, we hope to have an in-depth article in the newspaper in the next week or two. 

Stay tuned.