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Santiago deals with speed, road issues

Speed and traffic issues once again highlighted the Santiago Township Board agenda last Wednesday, with the supervisors taking several action steps to address the concerns.

Several residents from 59th St. asked the board to address what they say is a worsening situation along their roadway, with speeding motorists and heavy volumes of traffic.

Residents and supervisors alike recalled that years ago, when a church and a school were established on a parcel of property, there was a verbal agreement that traffic would be routed off Co. Rd. 16 and not Co. Rd. 23.  In addition, the church’s Pastor at the time agreed to pay funds towards road maintenance and township records show a one-time payment was made for grading and gravel work.

In the years since, the residents have witnessed speeding vehicles and increased traffic coming onto the road from CSAH 23, and they contend the road is not built to handle all the traffic.

The supervisors brainstormed solutions and noted that while they cannot legally shut the road down, they will ask the county to utilize the dynamic speed sign in the area.

There was also a discussion about the zoning of the school and church at its inception, with the prevailing thought being it was allowed under a Conditional Use Permit (CUP).  Clerk Kathy Woolard was tasked with looking into the original zoning documents and investigating if the possible CUP could be rescinded or altered with additional conditions.  She will also look into the building permit status of a new building going up in that area, as the township didn’t have that documentation.

Sgt. Kevin Grams recounted last month’s 87 calls for service for the SCSO, including three ATV complaints.  Most of the calls were for security checks and traffic complaints, with increased enforcement happening in the coming months to deal with the issues.

The bid for the overlay of 67th St. came in $50,000 cheaper than a year ago, and the supervisors approved moving forward with the plan, noting it will be a cost-share with Becker Twp.  

The bid to micro-seal about half of the township’s existing asphalt roads was also approved, as the process comes with a ten year warranty.  The board also discussed mailbox replacement and will look into how other townships deal with requiring swing-away style posts.

Matt Weber of the Becker Fire Department noted 18 calls for service, including 5 medicals in Santiago.  He is also replacing some exterior lights with LED versions to save on ongoing electricity costs.

The board also discussed an ongoing issue with a township resident who is trying to get a permit from the county for moving in a home, but he is not getting the answers he needs.  The board recommended he go in person to the zoning department at the Government Center to receive the help he needs.

In final action, the board approved purchasing an additional Poll Pad for registering voters for this fall’s general election to ensure a smooth and timely voting process for residents.