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Reorganization meeting for Palmer Board

Monday evening’s Palmer Township meeting contained the regular agenda items, such as the roads and park report, but also had another purpose in that it was used for the annual reorganization of the board.

Mike Ganz was was re-elected as Chairperson, and supervisor Mitch Wipper noted that the three board members are all equal and share power.

The supervisor pay stayed the same as last year, with the rate being $22 per hour, and the board decided to discontinue the Treasurer’s stipend and move the pay to an hourly rate.

The head election judges will now earn $19.50 an hour, while election judges will be paid at a rate of $17.

Sherburne State Bank was named the official depository for the township, while the Patriot will remain the official newspaper.

Commander Ben Zawacki reported on last month’s 87 calls for service, which was down five from the same period a year ago.  

Ron Koren, CLFD Chief, noted 17 calls for service in March, with Palmer having eight - seven medicals and one downed power line.

Several road patches were discussed and the board noted that completely re-doing some of the roads would cost in excess of one million dollars so for now, the maintenance will be done to try and extend the life of the asphalt.

Supervisor Steve Demeules asked for a vote to purchase a vehicle counter system for the roadways to gather more data about usage and the board approved the purchase.

The annual road tour was set for April 16th, after the Truth in Taxation meeting, and a reminder was given to residents that Clean Up day will be on May 18 from 7 a.m. until noon.

A discussion was held regarding the costs for a new tennis/ pickle ball court and differences between asphalt and concrete were discussed.  Also discussed were the sizing requirements and results from several surveys that were completed in the past.

The supervisors noted that they are still in the fact finding phase of the project and no decisions have been made.

Demeules updated those in attendance regarding the Two Inlets County Park and some of the happenings at that location.  

Some of the native plantings will commence soon, while 11 buildings will be decommissioned in the next phase.  At this time, only one trail is open and people are asked to not trespass at the rest of the park.

Ganz reported that he had again talked with Sheriff Joel Brott, who verified that his office is not in a position to be able to offer the Sentence to Serve program to the townshp as it is currently very limited.  He remains open to doing so in the future if the conditions change.

The board will meet next in May on the 13th at 7 p.m.