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Palmer Township Chairman Mike Ganz was unanimously re-elected to that position Monday night at the annual organizational meeting.

Palmer Mulls Cartway To Settle Easement Question

A discussion of potential solutions to access to a property currently for sale, approval of organizational items proposed at the March annual meeting, potential safety courses for senior citizens and a status report on the development of a Lake Improvement District (LID) were among the items on the agenda at the regular meeting of the Palmer Township Board Monday night.

Chairman Mike Ganz and Supervisor Richard Larson were honored with certificates of recognition presented by Sheriff Joel Brott and Commissioner Felix Schmiesing for their assistance in apprehending a suspect in Palmer in February (See related story).
Easement Question
David Westby appeared before the board seeking formal confirmation of access to two parcels of land that he is seeking to sell.  The properties, parcel 40-404-0610 and 40-023-3400 have been in his family for many years, he said, and he is concerned that the potential buyer may find access difficulties going forward.  An earlier agreement with the township allowed Phyllis Westby and her husband access to the property through Lake Street, but only during their lifetime, after which that road reverted to private access only.
Westby told the board he had sought clarification through various county offices, but had been unable to get any kind of formal documentation which would state that the property owner has a guarantee of access.   He also said he encountered resistance to his proposal to cut some trees on the property line to facilitate access.
Attorney David Meyers stated the owner should have access through the old county road that adjoins the property, and he cautioned the town board as to any decision they might make in terms of issuing a formal guarantee of access.
At the conclusion of the discussion, Meyers suggested the property owner apply to the town board for a cartway on the abandoned county road reaching as far as the current Nicollet Ave., which, when approved, would provide guaranteed access to the property without added responsibility to the township in terms of road maintenance.
Action on the cartway application is expected by the June regular meeting.
Law Enforcement
Capt. Robert Stanger reported that there were 90 calls for service in Palmer in the previous month, including 37 traffic stops resulting in 14 citations being issued.  Ganz asked if the sheriff’s department could provide some sort of self defense training for senior citizens in the township in regard to potential mailbox thefts and other incidents of thieves preying on the elderly.  Brott stated that calling 911 is still the best way for seniors to protect themselves if they see suspicious activity, but that the department has provided some “Safe Seniors” classes in the past, and will again if asked to do so.
Clear Lake Deputy Fire Chief Steve Schrader reported 18 fire calls in the previous month, nine of which originated in Palmer.  They included three fires and four medical assists.  Two of the fires were grass fires, Schrader said, and he also stated that the MnDNR had issued burning restrictions effective as of Monday morning.
Briggs Lake Chain Association President Dan Merchant reported the organization is working with county officials to determine how best to proceed with a petition to gain approval for the proposed Lake Improvement District (LID).
Merchant also said the Palmer Directory is complete and will be distributed shortly, and that the BLCA garage sale will be held May 8 through May 10.
A lake survey is also underway, and spraying for curly leaf pond week will proceed based on those results, he reported.
Organizational Meeting
The board unanimously voted to retain Ganz as township chairman for another term during the organizational meeting that followed the regular meeting on Monday night.
The board also voted to approve the agreed zero percent increase in the levy, approved $500 each for the Clearwater Library and the Sherburne History Center, and reconfirmed the official status of the Citizen’s State Bank and the “Citizen” as regards the township’s official repository and newspaper.