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MARINE MITCHELL HENRICH OF BECKER was welcomed home Christmas Eve after he served three months in Afghanistan in a mobile ops unit. The BTYR committee organized a gathering for family, friends and citizens to pay their respects to the 20-year-old soldier returning from deployment.

Local Soldier Welcomed Home On Christmas Eve

What better Christmas present is there to get than to have a son, brother, father, mother, sister or daughter come walking in ones door just days before Christ’s birth is to be celebrated?

Like shepherds looking over their flock, Becker police, firefighters  and members of the Becker Legion guided 20-year-old Mitchell Henrich and his loving family to a welcome home gathering at city hall Tuesday.
Dozens were in attendance on Christmas Eve to honor the soldier and his service to our country.
Mitch Henrich, a 2011 graduate of Becker High School, returned to the states this week after serving three months in war-torn Afghanistan in the United States Marines. His unit served in mobile ops, helping other units retreat and ensuring nothing gets left behind the enemy can use.
Henrich enlisted in the Marines in August of 2011 and did so to further his education. He has three years left on his service.
Henrich was a former star on the Becker Bulldog golf team.
The Christmas Eve reception Tuesday included a greeting by dozens of well-wishers who held small U.S. flags and waved them as Henrich entered city hall. 
Mayor Lefty Kleis was onhand as well as Becker firefighters, police officers, Legion members and committee members of the BTYR organization.
Refreshments were served consisting of bars, cookies and crackers and Henrich was presented a welcome home basket by Kari Westby of the Becker Beyond the Yellow Ribbon committee.