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Light Council Meeting Tuesday In Becker

With a light agenda, the Becker City Council breezed through the main portion of their meeting in less than a half an hour.
Wetland Banking Credits
City Planner Therese Haffner asked council to approve a purchase of wetland banking credits to initiate the commencement of the Co. Rd. 24 bridge/trail project slated to begin this summer.
Haffner said Minnesota’s Wetland Conservation Act (WCA) regulates wetland draining and filling activities on all wetlands in the state. With the proposed reconstruction of the Co. Rd. 24 bridge over the Elk River and the construction of a trail on the south side, the city needs to purchase the credits since the wetland in the area is impacted. 
Haffner says the trail portion for his particular phase of the project would require fill and grading along Co. Rd. 24 from Rolling Ridge Rd. to Lobelia Street to accommodate a 10-foot paved trail constructed later. The bridge crosses the river and has several wetlands adjacent to the river and surrounding properties.
Haffner said the fill and grading will impact the wetlands and is required to be replaces at a 2-to-1 ratio. The replacement is in the form of purchasing wetland banking credits from a private sponsor.
The purchase agreement is for .88 acres of wetland credit from a site in Benton County for an amount of $19,166.40. With administration fees added, the total purchase  price is estimated at  50¢ a square foot for a purchase price in the amount of nearly $21,000, paid to the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR).
Council approved.
Cold Storage Needs
Streets Supervisor Joe Danielson brought forth a resolution to request the construction of an addition to the public works building to allow for cold storage of equipment and vehicles currently being stored outdoors.
Danielson said in 2015, the public works department planned for such an addition and staff obtained quotes from two local contractors to construct the building.
Danielson suggests the city accept the low bid price of $17,300 (from Lincoln Builders), but wanted to give a ceiling to the project at $25,000 to warrant the company to put in concrete, electrical and apply for permits and variances.
A variance is necessary because Danielson said they can only build on the northwest side of the building, which is pushing up against the property line along Gardner Street.
Danielson is looking at having a 10x96 storage post frame lean-to added to the existing 40x96 steel building already in use and will occupy the department’s bigger trucks and trailers.
Council voted in favor of the project with Member Lori Keller voting “naye” because she said the details of the funding were not clear to her in the budget.
Other News
• Council voted to approve a temporary liquor license for the Becker Lions Club for their 40th anniversary party May 19;
• Council voted to approve a hiring and termination report for the police department showing officer Matt Buckley resigning;
• Council voted to approve a hiring and termination report for the BCC for the hiring of Erin Fagan as a part-time employee;
• Council voted to approve the hiring and termination report for the Pebble Creek Golf Course for the hiring of 15 seasonal employees as grounds staff, pro shop attendants, food service, rangers, cart valet/outdoor services and an assistant golf pro.
Up Next
The next Becker City Council meeting is Apr. 7 at 5 p.m.