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RONNIE HANSMANN, health consultant and owner of Ancestral Roots. (Photo by Mary Nehring)

Journey to Wellness

Becker resident  Ronnie Hansmann is very interested in natural health remedies. 

Ronnie was diagnosed with a devastating, life threatening illness in 2011 that turned her world upside down. Ronnie’s world was spinning out of control and her mission became to identify what she did have control over in her life. Ronnie shared these thoughts that went through her mind after being diagnosed with a life threatening illness.

“What will allow me to live a longer life? I was willing to do whatever it took that made sense to me and would prolong my life. So I dug into researching anything that showed up in my path. 

This was how I turned that negative time in my life into motivation to help not only myself, but any one wanting better health.”

This is where her interest began with understanding chronic illness. The first step was completely by chance.  

Ronnie had a girlfriend that had shared details with her about a product that could change and improve her health.

“I didn’t turn a blind eye to any suggestion anyone gave me”, she said.

Ronnie had researched and concluded she  would give medicinal mushrooms a try.

Ronnie says the enormous, positive changes that happened in her body confirmed that she was on the right track. She researched how she could make herself healthier from the inside out and started taking medicinal mushrooms, which restored her health. This led the way for Ronnie to look into other natural herbal remedies for basic family living.

It opened up a whole new interest in her life. Ronnie now spends alot of time foraging common herbs and weeds in the spring and summer. She makes herbal remedies, including: digestive bitters, herbal teas, tinctures, salves, and syrups that improve overall health. 

“I have a special passion using Bach flower remedies to help remove trauma,” she said.

The knowledge she has gained has helped many ailments for her family, friends and aquaintances.

Hansmann also has several other natural remedies for sale to help boost one’s immune systems. For example: Bach Flower remedies , digestive bitters (to improve gut health), elderberry syrup, herbal teas, tinctures, salves and more. Ronnie makes many of the products in her home. 

In addition to the supplements, Ronnie also has several wellness machines, including Bio Mat, SOQI bed and hothouse (infrared technology). 

Ronnies’ goal is to look at people’s symptoms and find the root cause of the illness and  move forward with a treatment plan.

Ronnie is always willing to share her time, knowledge and products for people who might be on a similar journey. 

Ronnie’s life threatening illness happened almost 10 years ago and she says she has never felt better. 

If you want to visit with Ronnie about medicinal mushrooms or natural remedies, call  612-219-4200 or  email

If you do not make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness.