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BOOK CLUB. Kids were reading all over the place during the G.R.A.B. (Go Read a Book) program last week. The project was the finale of the Becker PTSA's annual February Read-a-Thon, and provided a free book to 1,415 students in the Becker Primary and Intermediate schools
CHOICES. Becker third-graders, above, looked over the stacks as they shopped for their special book during the G.R.A.B. (Go Read a Book) project at their school last week. The books are provided by the Becker PTSA as the grand finale to the February Read-a-Thon project, with 1,415 books given to Becker primary and intermediate school students this year.
PTSA volunteer Pauline Temple, left, gave out bookmarks to Becker Primary School students during the G.R.A.B. (Go Read a Book) program.

G.R.A.B. Gets Kids Reading

Students at the Becker primary and intermediate schools wrapped-up the annual February Read-a-Thon with a special gift from the Becker PTSA, a book which they could pick out and keep for their own. The project is called G.R.A.B. (Go Read a Book).

PTSA President Ann Olson 680 Primary School students from the school readiness classes through second grade and 735 Intermediate School students from third through fifth grade all received a book through the program this year. 
Olson said that PTSA program chairperson Sue Johnson had donated many hours in shopping for books for the project to ensure that students had a wide variety of choice in authors, topics and levels of reading to choose from.
Classroom teachers and PTSA volunteers were on hand to assist students with their selections during the first week of March, Olson said.  She quoted one excited fifth-grader as exclaiming: “You mean this book is free?  Score!”  PTSA volunteer Pauline Temple, a newcomer to the area, said that she “loved those little kids and all their smiles!”
Each book chosen was stamped with the PTSA logo, Olson said, and each reader received a G.R.A.B. bookmark to commemorate the occasion.