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Eyk Discusses Sediment Control Project For Long Lake

Most of Tuesday’s Clear Lake Township board meeting centered on a sediment control project for a strip of land along Long Lake.
Sediment Control
Engineer Terrance VanderEyk said he was contacted by the Metropolitan Conservation District to conduct engineering and construction estimates for a sediment control project on a parcel of land along Long Lake the township purchased recently.
The project to be conducted is to do an analyzation of a 10-year rainfall event to monitor sediment in the flow of water to the lake. In other words, Eyk said, the flow would carry a high amount of sediment to the lake and the discharge needs to be slowed down.
Eyk estimates the cost for the project at about $8,700 but said the Sherburne County Soil and Water Control District (SWCD) would pay about 65% of the total. That would leave the township liable for around $3,000 to $3,700.
“Do we want to proceed with this?” asked Eyk. “If so, I can apply for the funding and participation.”
Board Member Joe Goenner said he thinks the township “should try it and see what happens, it’s only three thousand dollars or so to get the issue fixed.”
Chairman Gary Gray agreed and asked Eyk to bid out the project to local contractors to get a definite bid and bring the numbers forward at the April meeting. Eyk was also asked to advise the neighbors bordering the strip of land of the upcoming construction in the area.
Road Report
Eyk said seal coat bids were let Tuesday morning and it will be a couple of days before he gets a detailed break down of the projects. He reminded the board the township has the option of opting out of the project should they not receive a favorable quote.
However, Eyk says the lowest bid he saw came from Aztec Corp., the same contractor the township used last year and their bid was quite a bit lower thatn the second, third and fourth bidders.
Eyk will canvass the board when he gets the quotes and put together a resolution for approval at next month’s board meeting.
History Book
Bud Stimmler said the contracted writer for the Clear Lake history book is currently writing articles and passing them along to committee members to do verifications of dates, names and spellings.
Stimmler said the next goal is to advertise for photographs from the 1980s up to current day to compare and contrast with the very old photos currently being collected.
Sheriff’s Report
Chris Aleshire of the Sherburne County Sheriff’s Dept. said 67 incidents occurred in Clear Lake Twp. in February. Forty of those incidents were traffic violations, one was a theft, three were damage to property, five were accidents and two were medicals.
Chairman Gray asked Aleshire about a $270 the township received last month from the Monticello Humane Society for the turning in of two stray dogs. Gray said it is customary for someone on the board to be contacted first, before the animal is taken to a shelter but no one on the board was called these last two times.
“Usually dispatch will call one of us and get permission before the dog or animal is picked up,” said Gray. “We didn’t get those calls.”
Gray said the township went ahead and paid the invoice but was curious why the standard process failed this time.
“We’ve always called those in in the past,” said Aleshire. “I don’t know where we lost that process. I’ll look into it.”
Other News
• No library board meeting was held but the township did receive an invoice for an annual donation of $2,000 to the library. Board approved;
• The fire board met and discussed usual business including talking about the township’s relief donation to the association. Gray said members also were allowed to take a look at the new rescue vehicles;
• Stimmler said trees and shrubs have been ordered for the township park and they will be planted along the fence by the golf course. He also said flowers will be planted in the park this year to add more color;
• The township road tour is April 28 from 5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m;
• An outside bulletin board was approved for purchase and installation for $600 — the board is to be used to notify the public of meetings and events;
• The annual clean-up day is May 2 from 7:30 a.m. to noon. The township board discussed costs to charge patrons to cover the disposal of items;
• Clerk Mary Mathison was authorized by the board to purchase two new laptops and software for the clerk and the treasurer;
• Stimmler — recently re-elected to a seat on the board — took his oath of office Tuesday.
Up Next
The next Clear Lake Township meeting is April 21 at 7 p.m.