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TIM DOLAN, Sherburne County Commissioner for District 3 is facing several charges of stalking, interference with privacy and unauthorized financial transactions as an employee with Decklan Group. (Photo from Sherburne County).

Dolan facing stalking, illicit act charges

On the days leading up to Election Day next Tuesday, the Patriot received court documents identifying six charges of interference with privacy and stalking as well as one charge for an ongoing investigation related to hundreds of thousands of dollars taken from Sherburne County Commissioner Tim Dolan’s employer, Decklan Group.

The charges were filed by the owner of the Decklan Group and former fiancé of Dolan.

Dolan originally decided to not file to run for his commissioner seat months ago, but has since had a change of mind and is campaigning to be a qualified write-in candidate.

According to court records, Dolan has been charged with one count of felony stalking and five counts gross misdemeanor interference with privacy. He’s scheduled to make his first appearance in court Nov. 16.

The criminal complaint alleges in May 2022, Dolan suffered a medical emergency and turned access to his work phone and computer (from Decklan Group) over to the victim (not identified), with whom he was in a relationship at the time. The complaint states he did this so the victim could help continue his work operations while recovering.

While using the phone, the victim said she came across several images and videos of herself that were taken without the victim’s consent.

All the photos/videos were discovered by the victim on or about May 25, 2022. The victim claimed she observed over 20,000 images and videos of herself in various stages of undress, nude or while engaged in personal hygiene activity. The victim told the courts she panicked and began deleting the files from the devices, however, she said she was able to save roughly 500 images/videos from Dolan’s devices.

At the time of the discovery, the victim and defendant were sharing a residence in Elk River.

In another revelation,  the victim told law enforcement she observed a text message between Dolan and a co-worker of his at the Sherburne County Gov’t Center. The victim thought the text was inappropriate given the defendant’s position with Sherburne County and the other person’s position within the county.

Many images and videos the victim observed were taken while she was in the bathroom, either changing clothes or in the bathtub or shower, without her knowledge. Many images appear to have been taken either under the bathroom door or between the door and the door frame. Others were taken in the couple’s bedroom during sexual relations, without the victim’s knowledge or consent.

The victim also said the images were taken at various times and multiple locations, including their residence in Elk River.

While discovering the images, the victim also learned of potential unauthorized financial transactions by the defendant totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The victim said she expressed fear and/or embarrassment of the distribution of the images and potential financial loss to her business, so she applied and was granted a Harassment Restraining Order (HRO) in Sherburne County on May 31, 2022. The order was personally served to the defendant June 1st.

Ten days later, it is reported Dolan used social media and “tagged” the victim’s business (Decklan Group), from his social media account. Seventeen days later, Dolan again used social media  and posted images of the victim and narrative about the victim, on sites including LinkedIn and Facebook. The defendant again “tagged” Decklan Group and a second business owned by the victim, All Day Coach.

On July 23, the victim received a text from Dolan asking about a dog and — in part — the following narrative, “Hey there perfect lady:)”...

Four days later, the defendant sent a text message to the victim’s brother detailing his own feelings about the victim and their past relationship. Given the personal context, the text was forwarded to the victim.

Collectively, the court document states, these communications made after the serving of the HRO caused the victim to feel terrorized.

Dolan was reached out to for comment on Tuesday and the Patriot is awaiting a response.

The Patriot would also like to point out that the information for this article was taken directly from court documents obtained from the Anoka County Government Center where the complaint was initiated. The charges were filed Oct. 28, 2022 and prosecution was authorized by Assistant Anoka County Attorney Paul L. Young.