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Clear Lake council moves to fill vacancy

The Clear Lake city council met Monday evening and swiftly moved thought a light agenda, which included reviewing their lone applicant for the open council position. The council has been operating a person short over the past couple of months since member Brandy Roberts moved out of the city and submitted her resignation.

Clerk Kari Koren reported that resident Chad Nelson had expressed interest in the opening and was the only interested citizen to submit a letter to the city. Mayor Tim Goenner and the rest of the council approved a motion to offer the position to Nelson, who currently serves as a Lieutenant on the Clear Lake Fire and Rescue Department. Goenner will coordinate a time to meet with Nelson and discuss the responsibilities of the position.

Sheriff Report

Sgt. Tim Jeanetta appeared before the board to report on the Sheriff’s Office calls for service in the last month, which totaled 53. Jeanetta noted one DWI case, one dog bite complaint and the usual traffic stops and security checks.

In response to a question from Mayor Goenner, Jeanetta reported that deputies continue to enforce the dynamic “Jake” braking ordinance, as well as the “No turn on red” rule from Highway 10 to Highway 24.

Staff Agreement

The council unanimously approved a staff sharing agreement between the cities of Clear Lake and Clearwater, as well as the Sewer and Water Authority. Because all three entities have limited staff, there is sometimes the need for personnel to assist the other organizations during certain events, such as a water or sewer emergency. With the agreement, the three entities are pledging to help each other and assume the costs and liability associated with the sharing of staff. By entering into the agreement, public service needs are able to be met without increasing staffing and associated costs.

Public Works

Public Works Director Dustin Luhning spoke to the council regarding a recent OSHA Mock Inspection that he participated in with the assistance of their local trainer.

The city passed the inspection and just had to make a few minor adjustments in order to meet the guidelines, including discontinuing the use of plastic containers for diesel fuel storage.

By participating in the mock inspection, Luhning reported that the city showed compliance and also the process ensures that staff is meeting and enforcing safety protocols.

Luhning and council also discussed several right of way obstructions that are near a road access to Highway 24. The area in question used to be a road connection, but was vacated in the past. Because some residents still try to unlawfully use the area to access the highway, a landowner was trying to dissuade vehicle traffic by placing the items. 

Council decided to have Goenner speak with the landowner and offer to install a barricade to control the traffic.

Developer Standards

City Engineer Keith Yapp updated the board on several new templates that have been produced in order to clearly communicate the city’s ordinances, rules and expectations when it comes to the sewer and water infrastructure for new developments. Having the forms ready and available will help future developers in meeting the city’s standards for the work and should expedite permitting and site review plans.  

The templates will be instrumental in ensuring compliance to any developer’s agreements that the city entertains in the future.

The Council will meet next on November 1 at 7 p.m. at the Clear Lake City Hall.