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LYNN MCCLINTOK OF CLEAR LAKE TWP. pointed to an area of his property where he is interested in having two variances approved so he can add on to his existing two-car garage and make it a triple-stalled garage.

C.L. Township Zips Through Meeting, Approves Variances

In an unexpected, short meeting Tuesday, the Clear Lake Township Board tackled roads, a property purchase, two variance requests and a tree problem in under 20 minutes.

Road Report
Twp. Engineer Terrance VanderEyk said he submitted sealcoating and striping numbers to the county to be included in their 2014 project bidding.
Eyk also said he submitted a sign purchase order for zones three and four which includes 37 traffic signs, over 230 address signs and 40 street signs. The total price for the signage is estimated at $9,820. Eyk asked if the board would be interested in spending the same amount to have signs produced and installed for zones five and six. Chairman Gray Gray said the township has the finds available for the signage so the board voted to do all four zones in 2014.
Property Purchase
Gray said he delivered the contract for deed to Jerome Goenner for the purchase of a parcel on the south side of 74th Street along Long Lake.
The Goenner family will have their attorney review it and the final contract will be signed and the property transferred sometime in late December or early January.
Variance Requests
Lynn and Ann McClintok of Clear Lake Twp. asked to receive two variances for their property on 47th Street at Pickeral Lake. The McClintoks are interested in adding onto their existing garage and need to have a 20’ variance applied from the right-of-way. Another 25’ variance setback from the lake is needed to allow for the expansion.
The board approved both variances and advised the McClintoks to attend a planning and zoning meeting at the county level to get final approval.
Tree Limb Problem
Contractor Todd Schiendzelos asked the board to consider having some branches along 197th Ave. at Elk Lake removed or trimmed back to allow for his plow truck to pass along the road without the trees taking out his lights on one side.
Schiendzelos said he needs about two feet on the left side of the road to pass by and can’t move over any farther on the right because of buildings.
Gray said he’d contact Jeff Rhodes in the morning to have the situation evaluated and the trees and/or branches trimmed back.
The next Clear Lake Twp. Board meeting is Jan. 21 at 7 p.m.