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BRUSH RIG. The Big Lake Fire Dept. recently got the new brush rig that was purchsed by the township and the city. (Photo by Katherine Cantin.)

BL Town Board discusses Bailey Station Cemetery

At last week’s Big Lake Town Board meeting, the board discussed some needed maintenance items concerning the Bailey Station Cemetery,

The board determined that the fence would need to be sand-blasted and repainted. The board was also going to look into “electrostatic application,” which should increase the life of the new paint. 

The board also discussed purchasing a new columbarium for the cemetery, as it has been a popular option. All but 10 of the niches have been sold. Many township residents preferred the idea of being cremated and set to rest in the columbarium than in a traditional grave plot. The new columbarium would offer another 48 niches for residents to purchase in anticipation of their departure. The original columbarium has been a part of the cemetery since 2008. 


Nine buildings owned by Big Lake Township have sustained hail damage, and so need roof replacements. The deductible for each of the buildings is $2,500, making the total cost of the roof replacements $22,500. Clerk Brenda Kimberly-Maas noted that the roofs were growing old anyway. More information will be available at the next regular meeting. 

On the topic of insurance, the board decided to renew their coverage through Minnesota Association of Townships, which offers some coverage to township employees.

Fire Dept.

The BLFD’s new brush rig has finally come, and Supervisor Mark Hedstrom (Assistant Chief at the Fire Dept.) drove the vehicle to the meeting for the board members and attendees to take a look at their investment.