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Big Lake unveils new community brand identity

(Editor’s Note: The following article was submitted by the City of Big Lake.)

The City of Big Lake is unveiling a new community brand and design identity. This update to its brand reflects the positive growth the community has seen as more residents and businesses have made the community their home. Located a short drive northwest of the Twin Cities, Big Lake has a history of being a popular location for summer recreation. Today, the area is considered a prosperous community beyond the suburbs that is home to a family oriented, highly educated population. It is consistently ranked as one of the safest communities in the state.

The new Big Lake brand celebrates the physical and attitudinal aspects that allows the community to thrive. The logo’s illustration of the two lakes signifies the physical beauty of the community, while the new motto of “Live Big!” describes what residents and visitors can expect. 

“You can Live Big in Big Lake,” explained Mayor Paul Knier. “We have great housing stock, phenomenal jobs, beautiful nature, and many amenities within a 15-minute drive. Whatever you want you can find it here.”

The community has worked hard to support a thriving business ecosystem. The city has prioritized business growth and attraction and has a track record of efficiently removing obstacles to allow expedited expansion. In addition, there is available land for development and a well built-out infrastructure to support businesses. 

“Big Lake is like a blank canvas,” said City Administrator Clay Wilfahrt. “Businesses can create their future and the City wants to help.”

The City hopes that the new brand will differentiate it from neighboring communities by the inclusion of the emotional component of the brand. 

“Big Lake has great people – a strong workforce, engaged citizens, and strong education including an apprenticeship program. We want businesses and residents to harness that to build a thriving community,” said Hanna Klimmek, Community Development Director.

In addition to the new logo and tagline, the brand identity includes marketing tools for businesses looking to expand or grow in this area. The brand and marketing tools were developed by Como Lake Marketing Partners. The City plan is to unveil the new brand design starting October 1, 2021 on its website and at City Hall. More long-term updates to equipment and permanent structures throughout the City will be staggered in the near and long-term future.