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BECKER STUDENTS prepared to dig up the dirt. (Photo by Katherine Cantin.)
Becker kindergartners had a blast playing at the Farm Friends Barn. (Photo by Katherine Cantin.)
A teaching moment.
BECKER STUDENTS worked together as they prepared the soil for planting. These two youngsters learned to use the till. (Photo by Katherine Cantin.)
Farm friends barn volunteers worked hard to put together a fun day for the students. Butch Woolhouse, Mary Jo Cobb, Teresa Steiner, Julie Dosh, Bev Knutson, Jody Buesgens, Craig Wensmann, Jean Johnson, Kristi Gilyard Kelly, and Ken Bemboom. Not pictured, afternoon volunteers: Peggy Anderson, Kathy Geary, Gloria Broecker, and Nancy Blomgren. (Photo by Katherine Cantin.)

Becker students visit Farm Friends Barn

Last week Thursday, the Farm Friends Barn invited kindergartners and first graders from Becker Schools to come out and plant potatoes, learn about agriculture, and have a fun time at the barn. 

Ken Bemboom, aka Farmer Ken, gave a lecture on how plants grow, and what happens after the seeds are put in the ground. Afterwards, the students had a chance to till the land and plant potatoes themselves. They also had a chance to climb on a real tractor, listen to a reading of the book “The Perfect Barn,” and interact with an educational light-up board created by local girl scouts. 

There are some new features at the barn that the Farm Friends are excited to show off. Recently, Gordy Borst donated an old tractor, which has been in his family for generations and still runs great. The barn also received a donation of a grain bin. In the near future, a grainery and a wire corn crib will also find a new home at the barn. 

The Farm Friends Barn has benefitted from many local donors, and also from a grant from the Minnesota Farm Bureau. With the grant money, the Farm Friends were able to host their fun learning day for 80 students in the classes of Mrs. Lyon, Mrs. Madsen, Mrs. Borchardt, and Mrs. Pauly. 

Mary Jo Cobb worked as the volunteer coordinator for the field trip. She said that they were able to welcome four classes this year, as opposed to the two they had last year. She thanked her volunteers who helped make the day a success. All of the Farm Friends volunteers showed up to help run the event. Cobb said they always need more volunteers, and anyone interested should leave a message on the Farm Friends Barn Facebook page (