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Becker PD introduces a Security Camera Registration program

The Becker Police Dept. has developed a Security Camera Registration program that allows for the Becker PD to partner with Becker residents and city businesses in solving, investigating, and preventing crimes. 

The proposal submitted by Officer Jenna Voigt stated, “It is becoming more common for Becker residences and businesses to have cameras. Camera footage is often an incredibly beneficial tool in solving and preventing crimes. Whether it is a doorbell camera, a camera on a back porch, or other external camera surveillance systems, security camera footage can assist the Becker Police Dept. with investigations.”

Voigt goes on to say, “This initiative will afford local citizens and businesses the opportunity to assist the Becker PD with investigations. This program will be based on voluntary participation from citizens and businesses, which can be terminated at any time. Citizens will have the ability to complete an online registration form listed on the BPD’s website. The information provided through this form will assist officers in solving and preventing crimes in areas in which external cameras may be located.” 

The Becker Police Dept. will not have direct access to camera footage or systems. However, in the event that there is potential camera footage that can be helpful to the Becker Police Dept. an officer will contact the registered individual or business. 

“The information that is voluntarily provided will be used for official purposes only,” Says Voigt.

Police Chief Brent Baloun added, “we are excited to start this program and work closer with the community to solve crime. This will offer a huge benefit to our investigations.”

The link to assist the Becker Police this initiative can be found on the Police Department’s website or at