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Becker City approves updates at Pebble Creek

During their recent meeting, the Becker City Council approved several updates around the Pebble Creek Golf Course.

Pebble Creek staff are looking to purchase new patio and event seating. The old seating was purchased five years ago, but is already showing wear. They would also like to purchase new patio furniture. Council approved the purchases 

Pebble Creek also requested new kitchen equipment. The goal is to replace the old flat top grill, fryer, meat slicer, and other items. Their current equipment is getting worn out and having issues. The only item of contention was a smoker, which may not be allowed by the health department. The council approved the purchases with the condition that the health department approved the addition of the smoker, and provided the product cost less than $2,000. Items that are being replaced would be sold if possible. 

The golf shelters on the golf course were damaged in a storm, and unfortunately the structures were not insured. Staff asked council to approve rebuilding them and also improving them by constructing new walls for them and making them stronger. 

Open Forum

Tammy Legatt-Johnson spoke to ask that the city council adjust the allowable business hours for massage therapists in the city to include more evening hours, so they could better serve those who would like to utilize early morning appointments. The mayor responded that the council would consider it and work with staff to learn more about it. 

In Other Business, the Board:

• Heard committee reports;

• Approved adding the T-Town area to the parking ordinance adopted a few years ago;

• Rezoned a parcel in the Industrial Park;

• Approved an update to the Fire Board Joint Powers agreement.