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This Day of the Dead artwork was designed by Lillian Murphy, who is a fourth grader. She was inspired by a famous female painter who had a unibrow and the Netflix movie Chupacabra. (Patriot Photo by Maria Moore).
The deer Tape-a-dermy (left) was created by Nolan Konerza, a seventh grader. People were in awe at the sheer size of this masterpiece and the skills it took to create this 3D art work. (Patriot Photo by Maria Moore).
This art piece was painted by an 11th grader, Callie O’Connor. After looking online for inspiration, she stumbled across this beautiful picture and decided to recreate it. (Patriot Photo by Maria Moore).

Becker art show brings community together

On Thurs., April 11, a crowd of people gathered at the Becker Community Center to admire the artwork produced by students from all four Becker schools. 

The artwork ranged from ceramic mugs all the way to Tape-a-dermy. 

Lillian Murphy is a fourth grader whose Day of the Dead artwork was featured in the art show. She based her design off of a Netflix movie called Chupacabra. The painting truly showcases the hard work and imagination that went into creating this masterpiece. 

While parents were extremely proud of their child’s artwork, none of them were as proud as the student’s art teacher Gail Peroddy. Peroddy is an art teacher in Becker at the intermediate school. During the art show, Peroddy expressed how she loves to see older kids artwork on display because she can see the progression of their art skills throughout the years. 

New middle school programs have been added to encourage kids to let their artistic ability shine. One of these new programs include Tape-a-dermy, which allows kids to make 3D tape sculptures. Some of these sculptures were featured in the art show. 

Families left the art show happy and uplifted while looking forward to the next one.