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A sad day for Daisy

“The thing is, if I can love the wrong person that much, imagine how much I can love the right person?”

That quote was uttered to producers by Daisy Kent of Becker after she bypassed the final rose ceremony — conceding the victory to Kelsey Anderson in the Bachelor finale Monday night. Moments earlier, Daisy told Bachelor Joey Graziadei “I do love you. But the thing is, you’re not going to choose me.” 

Daisy had expressed her doubts to the TV camera after her and Joey’s last date where she ultimately expressed her devotion to the bachelor. Not sensing reciprocation, Daisy started wondering if Joey had already made up his mind.

She then visited Kelsey’s room (the two are very close friends on and off screen) and the two talked about Joey and their last date experiences. Not all the talk was disclosed on camera but it’s apparent it is here that Daisy disclosed to Kelsey that she was going to yield to her and tell Joey of her plans to exit the show.

When the two girls arrived together at the beach side stage later on, Daisy approached Joey for her final encounter.

“The last couple days, I realized that you’re not my person,” she said. “And I know that you know. And as much as that hurts, I know you said you want what’s best for me. So I’m going to do what’s best for me and I’m going to go.”

Joey — in this unexpected moment — teared up and acknowledged she was right.

“It hurts so much that I know I have something more special with someone else, and I know that’s where my heart is leading me,”  he told Daisy.

Joey offered to walk Daisy out but she refused. 

“I think it’s something I should do on my own,” she tells him. 

She turned and walked out with her head held high. She embraced Kelsey and exited the episode in a white SUV.

Joey went on — quite expectantly — to propose to Kelsey in which she said “yes”.

When speaking to Joey and host Jesse Palmer during After the Final Rose special on Monday, Daisy, 25, addressed when she knew things wouldn’t work with the Philadelphia native.

“I first realized when we were at the last rose ceremony when Rachel left and it was me, you and Kelsey together,” Daisy explained. “And I just saw you two look at each other and I was like, whoa. For the first time I was like, I don’t think it’s me, and I just remember that and then I was kinda trying to suppress my feelings and put it aside.”

Daisy also admitted to having concerns before going into her final date. 

“I remember feeling it shouldn’t feel like this, I shouldn’t feel this anxious,” she said. “Love shouldn’t feel like it hurts this much. I know what I need to do.”

Daisy says she tried to “lead with love and grace and understanding,” which is what her parents always taught her to do. It was hard to walk away, of course, but she knows “sometimes the hard thing is the best thing.”

Kudos to our Daisy.