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The Benton County 4-H Ambassadors got together this past Saturday to make plans for the upcoming year including a youth Lock-In on March 10th in Foley. Pictured (Row 1 L-R) Chloe Wirtzfeld, Alivia Arnold, Skylar Morris & Jasmine Manea. (Row 2 L-R) Addison Dahler, Jacqualynn Beauchamp, Nevaeh Beack, Carley Roberts, Holly Heinen, Extension Educator Ann Olson & Eli Rademacher. (Row 3 L-R) Raelee Lyon, Morgan Molitor, Adam Heinen, Lilly Ackerman & Brady Roberts. (Row 4 L-R) Chase Dahler, Travis Boyle, Noah Rosenberger, Joseph Achen & Evan Lamberg. (Submitted photo).

4-H Ambassador retreat focused on positivity

(Editor’s Note: The following article was submitted by Benton County 4-H.)

“Leaving positive words on a sticky note on a post-it, just a small note like that can have an impact on a person’s day or even their life,” said 4-H Ambassador Travis Boyle, senior at Foley and member of the Green Acres 4-H Club at the Benton County 4-H Ambassador Retreat last Saturday. “Focusing on the positive is what we need to do because there is so much negative around us.” 

The Ambassador Retreat was time set aside to build up 4-H ambassadors and to plan for the upcoming events for the year. Twenty-three ambassadors and three adult 4-H volunteers spent the entire day together, playing creative games, planning, learning, and even taking some time to paint their own masterpieces. 

The ambassadors started the retreat, watching a video about making positivity stick. It shared about leaving notes on post-its to encourage people. 

“I think it’s awesome that something as simple as one sticky note can make someone’s day,” said 4-H Ambassador Holly Heinen, ninth grader from St. Joseph and member of the St. Pat’s 4-H Club. 

The ambassadors put together a baggie of positive post-its for themselves, friends and family members.

“I had an absolute blast at the ambassador retreat! I love coming together with a bunch of my closest friends and working together with them to plan 4-H activities and events,” said 4-H Ambassador Joseph Achen, senior at Royalton and member of the Graham 4-H Club. “We accomplish a lot of work while still having so much fun. This retreat is essential to the ambassador team because it gives us a chance to plan and brainstorm ideas for upcoming events in our county!” 

One of the events the ambassadors focused on was planning the youth lock-in planned for grades 3-6th on Friday, March 10 from 3-8pm in Foley. The theme will be “Get Obsessed – Exploring Hobbies.”  

“I am looking forward to sharing with the youth why hobbies are so important to have,” said 4-H Ambassador Travis Boyle. “Helping kids find hobbies they enjoy will build their self-esteem and confidence. I look forward to bringing this to the younger kids.”

The ambassadors also worked on planning for an adult volunteer appreciation mystery meal, project adventure day where youth can come to get excited about different project areas, and summer day camp themes which are hosted in Foley and Sauk Rapids this summer. 

“It was great to learn new things and get everyone’s opinions on the different events and figure out what activities each of us are best for leading,” said 4-H Ambassador Chloe Wirtzfeld, 8th grader from Foley and member of the Duelm 4-H Club. “This retreat was a great opportunity to get to know people that I hadn’t met before and learn more about them.”

The day was wrapped up with a painting class led by one of our very own 4-H Adult Volunteers, Amy Kleine from Sauk Rapids. The ambassadors were led step by step in the area of painting, which was outside most of their comfort zones, and created their own masterpiece. This painting opportunity gave them a chance to relax and develop a new hobby.

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