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a good view of A skull that was extracted, as well as the bones of a few bison that were found on top of each other. It is yet unknown how far apart in time these different animals perished.
Workers from the Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, SD worked to clean and pack up all the bones they retrieved during the dig at Snake River Farms. They will be studying them further in their laboratory in South Dakota. Submitted photos (courtesy of Shannon Barthel).
Event coordinator Shannon Barthel is pictured with local resident Dennis Goodrich, along with a group of homeschoolers who attended the event held last week at Snake River Farms. Pictured: Nolan, Avery, Amanda, Andy and (Grandma) Marilyn Linnenkamp had a great time during their visit to the bison dig.
University of Arizona paleontologist Arturo Baez was on hand, extracting the skull of an extinct species of bison, several feet underground.
Digging at the site at Snake River Farms north of Becker last week was complicated for the staff of Mammoth Site of Hot Springs, SD. The work required digging below the water level, which made it necessary to constantly remove water that had seeped in. (Submitted photos courtesy of Shannon Barthel)

1,000+ people attend local Bison Dig event

(Editor’s Note: The following article was comprised from information sent to the Patriot by Snake River Farms).

Over 1,000 local and national excavators descended upon Snake River Farms north of Becker last week to dig for Bison on the Snake River Farms site.

Tom Barthel and Gail Wilkinson opened their farm for the dig. Event coordinator Shannon Barthel welcomed University of Arizona paleontologist Arturo Baez, workers from the Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, SD and even a group of homeschoolers who brought excitement and curiousity to the dig.

Many bones and skulls were extracted from the earth and the workers toiled to clean up the artifacts, pack them in boxes and crates and ship them back to their laboratory in South Dakota for further study.

The home schooling 

families also toured the Kragero one room school on Tom Barthel and his wife’s (Gail Wilkinson) property nearby, as well as a museum full of artifacts at their home.

Attendees were also treated to horse rides and allowed to see the animals on their farm, including bison, pigs, chickens and more.