Saturday, April 13th, 2024 Church Directory

Women’s History Month

Every March, we celebrate Women’s History Month, a time dedicated to recognizing and honoring the significant contributions and achievements of women throughout history. It is a moment to reflect on the remarkable accomplishments of female pioneers and trailblazers who have shaped our world and inspired generations to come.

The history of Women’s History Month dates back to 1987 when Congress declared March as the official month to celebrate and acknowledge the vital role women have played in shaping our society. At Becker Public Schools, we take this opportunity to pay tribute to the remarkable women who have made a lasting impact on our community and education. These women have demonstrated dedication, leadership, and a commitment to empowering others.

We proudly recognize the following women who are in the Becker Public School District Hall of Fame: Audrey Orton, Ann Johnson, Iona Holsten, Nancy (Shaw) Fiereck, Vicki Cox, Jean Mann Johnson, Gayle C. Leen (Goenner), Muriel Schaapveld (Christensen), Joleen Hubbard, Kristine Gilyard Kelly, Virginia Johnson, Heidi Frederickson Mesik, Susan Peterson, and Fran Seeley. Their achievements and contributions serve as an inspiration to our students and remind us of the transformative power of perseverance, passion, and determination.

These extraordinary women have left a lasting legacy in the fields of education, community service, arts, athletics, and leadership. They have paved the way for future generations of women to thrive and succeed. At Becker Public Schools, we firmly believe in the importance of providing equal opportunities and fostering a supportive environment for all students. We are committed to empowering our students to embrace their unique strengths and capabilities, allowing them to become self-directed learners who thrive in a changing global community.

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, let us not only honor the achievements of remarkable women from the past but also encourage and inspire the young women of today to dream big, pursue their passions, and make their mark on the world. As Women’s History Month reminds us, the achievements and contributions of women are an integral part of our shared history and future. Let us celebrate and honor all the remarkable women in our community and continue to work toward a world where every individual is valued, respected, and empowered to reach their full potential.