Tuesday, December 5th, 2023 Church Directory

Local News Provides Dose of Reality

Most people have heard of the term “mainstream” media and it wouldn’t take long in a conversation with someone to list an entire page of descriptions and connotations related to the term.  

What defines something as mainstream anyway?

In the past few years, there’s been numerous polls that show the general public’s plummeting distrust of news organizations in general.  So often, it seems, today’s “issues of the day” are framed as an “either-or” dilemma, a predicament that requires one to choose a side.  No compromise.  No acknowledgement of the intricacies of the issue.  Just choose - for or against.

For those reasons and more (including the obvious bias of my position as a local news reporter), that’s why I believe local news is more important than ever.

It’s a reality check on the madness that one can feel while trying to sift through the craziness of the world . . . and the bias with which those issues are often times reported.

Professionally, this was a great week for my part-time job.

I was able to talk with Lindsay and Matt Marquette about their very unique mission trip to Mexico and how the deeds of their group will directly impact the lives of others.

I was also able to meet three incredible World War II Veterans who were celebrated with Quilts of Honor.  As an avid reader of anything related to WWII and the “Greatest Generation” it was a moving experience to be in the presence of these three fine men who served their country.

And of course there was the continuing story of the Becker girls cross country team, a dedicated group of athletes and their coaches who continue to show perseverance, dedication and passion for their sport.

In other words, when everything in the world seems askew, it is a great comfort to check out stories of our contemporaries, the locals who are our friends and neighbors.

It helps to remind me that the good in the world far outweighs the evil.  People choosing to do the right things for the right reasons always provide me with the right inspiration to keep telling these stories.

In my opinion, these local stories are the reality in our world.  And of course, not everything is positive as our local communities have their fair share of tragedy.  But I hope that by bringing these stories each week to our readers, it is a needed and welcomed reminder that there’s far more that brings us together than that rips us apart.