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Letters To The Editor


There is no such thing as Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)  This is all an attempt to use “Language”,  to force you into accepting a computer programs output to direct your thoughts and life. There is no “fairy dust” or “secret sauce”, that when applied to a computer keyboard will cause the computer program to be become “intelligent”, implying that the computer’s output is now more trustworthy and can replace the human brain.  If the people programing the computer are ignorant or corrupt, the A.I., will only reflect their motivations and not a truth. For example, if programmers loyal to Ford, are tasked with creating A.I., to help you choose the best car for you to purchase, do you not think that more often than not, the computer will choose a Ford model car?  If any entity, including the government, wants you to accept its wants/directives, they are going to point to some computers output that their people had programs.  And remember, even fancy computer programs that are built to predict the weather can’t get it right from day to day, say nothing about 10 years from now.So when you hear someone hyping A.I., think “computer program”, and then think for yourself. 

Bret R. Collier

Big Lake, MN