Monday, April 22nd, 2024 Church Directory

Sherburne County Recorder Vital Statistics Marriage Application Report For August 2022




Gregory Richard Miller and Courtney Mae Willard of Saint Francis; Jonah Michael Selley and Hallie Marie Chmielewski of Big Lake; Leslie Albert Mazo and Debera Deanne Walters of Princeton; Hannah Marie Mitchell and Jordan Dakota Hubbard of Zimmerman; Gabrielle Reece Lewis of Nowthen and Jordan Tyler Lukanen of Backus; Todd Joseph Olin and Jeannie Marie Schommer of Becker; Kevin Michael Schwietz and Kelsey Jean Ramberg of Big Lake; Matthew Joe Johnson of Becker and Kelsey Rose Schmitt of Cold Spring; Connor Thomas Loscheider and Sabrina Nicole Busby of Princeton; Brent Allen Streeter and Lynn Renee Holtzleiter of Elk River; Robert Paul Hammer and Carrie Ann Olson of Becker; Michael Steven Marino and Jessica Rae Davis of Princeton; Helena Godo Korvah and Marcus Patrick Johnson of Big Lake; Ashley Dale Brewer and Donald John Pederson of Becker; Gabriel Ellison Sandler and Elena Erkman of Elk River; Clayton Allen Wilson and Tiffany Marie Zinken of Big Lake; Nikita Lynn Schultz and Zachary Dean Thayer of Zimmerman; Buffy Jo Mcgraw and Troy William Vetsch of Princeton; Randy Michael Ivesdal and Nicole Lea Kirk of Big Lake; Lucas Bradley Hase and Heather Dianne Bean of Zimmerman; Zachary Joseph Godette and Kailee Christine Seifert of Big Lake; Chad Douglas Warnke and Pamela May Bergee of Elk River; Eric Danial Coash and Jennifer Leeann Finseth of Elk River; Dustin Carl Neseth of Zimmerman and Greta Elizabeth Ogren of Elk River; Nicolas Scott Reinke and Nicole Lynn Stevensen of Elk River; Donna Lynn Kohls amd Raymond George Kimmes Jr of Big Lake; Irene Sarcilla Perez and Philip Remington Bryans Jr of Otsego; Andrew Leon Swanson and Casey Nicole Otto of Zimmerman; Jena Denae Willey and Troy Hansuk Stanislawski of Elk River; Vickie Lynn Golen of Princeton and Lawrence Paul Weiss of Fertile; Connie Lillian Cardinal of Saint Cloud and Timothy Joseph Adelman of Becker; Shane Dustin Hybben and Renee Louise Swanson of Elk River; Jared Jonathan Griner Aiden and Cheyn Estridge of Elk River; Eli Hjalmer Larson and Kaitlin Sue Braiedy of Zimmerman; Jennifer Lynn Thomas and Mark Thomas Gomilak of Big Lake; Brooke Marie Farland and Derek Robert Fay of Otsego; Dustin James-Kenneth Lefebvre and Michelle Lynn Besler of Big Lake; Bryan Michael Kalinoski and Shianna Marie Ganoe of Corcoran; Alison Lane Walsh and Joseph Ryan Comnick of Becker; Nick Alan Anderson and Melinda Jean Reineke of Elk River; Savannah Morgan Banken of Dayton and Lonnie Duane Lewellen of Big Lake; Alex James Erickson and Kelsey Evelyn Whitcomb of Becker; Michael Gleisberg and Nadine Lynn Walker of Elk River; Fernando Moreno Aguirre and Luz Griselda Alejos Ruiz of Big Lake; Courtney Paige Dutton and Victor Allan Clay Aanerud of Saint Francis; Rachelle Elizabeth Theis  and Dakota Thomas Triden of Princeton; Silas Daniel Reek  and Courtney Rose Ostroot of Saint Cloud; Derek Michael Barett and Katelyn Jean Redberg of Becker; Steven Michael Quist and Madelynn Marie Jenson of Zimmerman; Danielle Lee Gunder and Taylor James Ruggiero of Becker; Jesse Lyle Dahlheimer and Rachel Sara Roberts of Otsego; Justin Michael Moody of Elk River and  Alicia Louise Winslow of Zimmerman; Monde Sitali Akakulu  of Albertville and Enoch Anyona Nyakondo of North Saint Paul; Mariah Kay Ratajek and Conner Daniel Swigart of Big Lake; Simplicio-Alan Clemente and Breen Stephanie Eik Breen of Zimmerman; Sean Alexander Stuart and Katherine Mary Posterick of Otsego; April Lee Fore and Maxwell Kenneth Neeley of Zimmerman; Adam Michael Weis and Kathleen Victoria Johnson of Big Lake; Desiree Lianne Williams and Cameron Lee Mcallister of Big Lake.