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MEGAN MURPHY had a big night last week against Perham as she scored a career-high 9.375 on floor exercise and nearly having her best ever all-around score as Becker knocked off the fifth-ranked Yellow Jackets at home last Saturday.

Gymnasts Upset Perham On Home Territory

The Becker Bulldog gymnastics team pulled off an amazing feat last Saturday, upsetting the currently fifth-ranked Perham Yellow Jackets at home.

Becker, 140.2
Perham, 138.95
The 140.2 points is Becker’s season high and Coach Jen Harmoning’s girls came ready to compete after having a dispirited week last week.
“This was a major victory for our team,” said Harmoning. “They  (Perham) made some mistakes that helped us, but that wouldn't have mattered if we hadn't been doing our job and hitting good routines.  I am so proud of this team tonight.”  
Harmoning said she  asked her squad before the meet to compete with intensity and show their competitive spirit.
“They did that and it brought them a big victory and a season-high team score,” she said. “I hope they realize now that they are capable of being one of the top teams.  We still had plenty of little mistakes to fix and can still improve on that score.”
1).  Hannah Schmidt, 9.25; 2).  Haley Hubbard, 8.8; 3).  Sabrina Tiemens, 8.75; 5).  Kassidi Andres, 8.675; (out of top 10) Megan Murphy, 8.55.
“We started the night off on a high note hitting 5-for-5 on vault,” said Harmoning.  “Everybody did some of the best vaults they have done all season and Hannah (Schmidt) capped it off drilling the landing of her final vault.”
Becker outscored Perham on vault 35.475 to 33.45 as Perham did not have the level of difficulty to keep up with the young Bulldogs on this event.
5).  Haley Olsen, 8.5; (out of top 10) Murphy, 8.05; Schmidt, 8.375 (career high); Lexi Reichle, 7.975 (career high); Hubbard, 7.925.
Harmoning pointed out that Perham has always been far superior on this event, even without one of their normal varsity competitors.   “They are just so incredible here and really a pleasure to watch,” she said.  “They outscored us 36.45 to 32.9   - which was a season-high total for us.  We keep improving on this event.”  
Harmoning says bars is the toughest event to get high scores on in high school gymnastics.  
“We can still make improvements, so that's what we'll be working on in the next two weeks,” Harmoning said.
3).  Schmidt, 9.1; 4).  Murphy and Tiemens, 8.725; (out of top 10) Reichle, 8.6; Montanna Edling, 8.375.
Harmoning noticed all her gymnasts were a little bit shaky on beam with the exception of Schmidt, who  hit a great routine, and Sabrina, who continues to be our steady rock. “Although we had many wobbles and wiggles, nobody made huge mistakes,” said Harmoning.  “The little things can add up to a lot, but I was very proud of the way the girls stayed strong mentally throughout the event.”  
Perham outscored Becker on beam, 35.625 to 35.15.
1).  Murphy, 9.375 (career high); 2).  Hubbard, 9.175; 3).  Reichle, 9.075 (career high); 4).  Edling, 9.05; 5).  Schmidt, 8.925.
The Bulldogs won the meet with their spectacular floor exercises, gaining the top five spots.
“We were shining brightly on floor tonight,” said the proud coach.  “We had a couple of little things that kept it from being a perfect night, but that's okay because every competition the girls get better and better.  It sure is fun to be competing at home and ending on our best event.”  
Becker scored a season-high team total on floor with 36.675 to Perham's 33.425.
1).  Schmidt, 35.65 (career high); 3). Murphy, 34.7.
“Hannah had an amazing competition tonight,” said Harmoning.  
Schmidt scored a career-high on bars and very near personal best scores on vault, beam and floor to help her win the all-around competition with a career-best score of 35.65.  Murphy also had a big night, scoring a career-high on floor and coming within a few tenths of her best ever all-around score.  
“These two are exactly what this team needs to lead them as we compete first in the upcoming conference and then the section championships,” said Harmoning.  “I'm really looking forward to the meets ahead.  We are going to continue to work hard and bring the kind of competitive spirit it takes to be one of the best teams.”
The girls host the Granite Ridge Conference championship at the Becker Fieldhouse today (Saturday) at noon.