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SOPHOMORE GYMNAST HANNAH SCHMIDT competed on her birthday Thursday and finished a strong second in the all-around as Becker won their meet against Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted.
JUNIOR MEGAN MURPHY captured the all-around Thursday in Becker’s 20+ point win over Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted at home.

Gymnasts Executing At High Level

Thursday, the Becker Bulldog girls gymnastics team hosted their first full squad home meet and Head Coach Jen Harmoning saw nerves on her athletes that affected some of their performances.

Despite the jitters, Becker pulled out the big win over Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted, 135.05 to 114.725.
“The jitters got in the way of our best performances,” Harmoning said. “But the team still stayed consistent and strong enough to turn in good routines.  One thing we need to work on is controlling nerves.”  
Harmoning noted many of the girls practice like “rock stars” in between meets, but when the spotlight gets turned on, they tighten up and become too careful.  
“We need to learn how to embrace that nervous adrenaline and channel it into powerful, confident routines,” she said.  “I am still very happy with what I'm seeing in how this team is progressing.  They are on track to another really strong finish in the conference and section this season.”
Megan Murphy won the all-around with a score of 33.275 while taking second in bars, beam and floor.
Vault Results:
1).  Hannah Schmidt, 8.95; 2).  Sabrina Tiemens, 8.7; 3). TIE Haley Hubbard, Kassidi Andres and Shelby Kocher (HLWW), 8.55; -- Murphy, 8.125.
Bars Results:
1).  Haley Olsen, 8.2; 2).  Murphy, 7.875; 3).  Hubbard, 7.8: 4).  Kocher (HLWW), 7.725; 5).  Schmidt, 7.325; -- Lexi Reichle, 7.225.
Beam Results:
1).  Reichle, 8.575 (personal record); 2).  Murphy, 8.475; 3).  Schmidt, 7.875; 4). TIE Montanna Edling and Tiemens, 7.65.
Floor Results
1).  Edling, 9.175; 2). TIE Murphy and Hubbard, 8.8; 4).  Schmidt, 8.75; 5).  Reichle, 8.6.
All-Around Results
1).  Murphy, 33.275; 2).  Schmidt, 32.9; 3).  Kocher (HLWW), 31.35; 4).  Lexie Leukuma (HLWW), 29.4; 5).  Heather Leukuma (HLWW), 26.425.
Annandale Invite
The team traveled to Annandale Saturday and took home the title amongst 10 teams.
Hannah Schmidt had a strong showing for the Bulldogs, taking first place on vault, fifth on floor and third in the all-around with season-high scores of 9.15, 8.75 and 34.2, respectively.  
She also placed fourth on bars with a career-high score of 8.35.
Megan Murphy also had many highlights on the day, including  placing fourth on vault, 10th on beam, sixth on floor and fifth all-around.
Montanna Edling injured her back with a fall on beam during warm-ups and did not compete.  
Haley Hubbard filled in for her on that event which allowed her to participate in the all-around competition where she placed seventh.  Hubbard also placed seventh on vault and bars and fourth on floor.
Senior Sabrina Tiemens was back in the line-up for the Bulldogs after being sick the prior week.  She placed fifth on vault and sixth on beam, Becker’s highest “beamer” of the day.
Haley Olsen competed in two events for the team and did great, ending her two routines with perfectly stuck landings.  Olsen placed sixth on vault and second on bars where she scored a career-high score of 8.6.
“Every time the team has competed, they have shown improvements from the prior competition,” said Head Coach Jen Harmoning.  “The coaches are very proud of them.  We will just continue our plan of making baby steps forward all season and see where it takes us.”
Annandale Results:
1).  Becker, 135.15; 2).  Annandale, 132.7; 3).  Buffalo, 130.1; 4).  Monticello, 129.15; 5).  STMA, 128.4; 6).  Delano, 126.1; 7).  Mound-Westonka, 122.5; 8).  Litchfield, 118.05; 9).  Buffalo JV, 113.9; 10).  Annandale JV, 111.5.
Becker Scores:
Olsen, 8.6; Murphy, 8.7; Tiemens, 8.65; Hubbard, 8.6; Schmidt, 9.15.
Lexi Reichle, 7.7; Hubbard, 7.9; Murphy, 7.6; Schmidt, 8.35; Olsen, 8.6.
Hubbard, 7.65; Tiemens, 8.5; Reichle, 8.15; Schmidt, 7.95; Murphy, 8.2.
Chloe Madsen, 7.9; Reichle, 8.45; Murphy, 8.7; Schmidt, 8.75; Hubbard, 8.8.
Hubbard, 32.95; Murphy, 33.2; Schmidt, 34.2.
The gymnasts are off for the holidays until Jan. 4 when they’ll travel to big Lake to take on the Hornets starting at 8:30 a.m.