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Big Lake Police Department

 Calls for Service – Jail Bookings

September 11, 2023 – September 17, 2023

Call for Service Summary:

  • Calls for Service for Week: 202
  • 2023 Calls for Service:8,224
  • Traffic Stops/Enforcement: 46
  • Citations: 8
  • Arrests: 5
  • Medical Emergency Calls:  7
  • Mental Health/Check Welfare: 7
  • Civil Mediation (Child Custody-Property):  6
  • Harassment Reports: 4
  • Domestics: 3
  • Dog Complaints/Found Animals7

BLPD Arrests with Booking: 

  • Danielle McManus (Age 66 – Big Lake, MN) Warrant
  • Edward Obrien (Age 62 – Waterville, MN) Warrant
  • Stanley Thom (Age 65 – Big Lake, MN) Domestic Assault
  • Matthew Chaney (Age 18 – Big Lake, MN) Domestic Assault
  • Paul Pederson (Age 44 – Big Lake, MN) Probation Violation

Sunday, September 17, 2023

  • Suspicious Person – Lake St S/Tarry Town Rd – A patrolling officer checked several parties.
  • Suspicious Activity – Pintail St – Request to check a couple juveniles, one had a sharpened stick. Unable to locate. 
  • Security Alarm – Jefferson Blvd – Responded and checked. Building secure. 
  • Misc Officer – Meadow Ln – Smell of burning electrical. Area checked. No problems found. 

Saturday, September 16, 2023

  • Domestic – Harrison Dr – Responded. Investigated. Parties arrested for domestic assault.
  • Theft – Minnesota Ave – Theft of a bicycle. 
  • CO Alarm – Engle Wood Dr – Responded with FD. Dangerous levels measured.
  • Fireworks Complaint – Green Tree Ct – Owner spoken with.
  • Loud Music – Humboldt Dr – Business hosting an outdoor event. 
  • Public Assist – Minnesota Ave – Called to give party a ride home. Party’s probation conditions known to officers. Probations contacted and issued a pick up order. Party arrested and booked into Sherburne Jail. 
  • Community Policing – Lakeside Park – Stopped at the Becker Bass Team’s banquet. 
  • Agency Assist – Co Rd 14 – Assisted deputy on a medical emergency in a vehicle. 
  • Suspicious Activity – Eagle Lake Rd N – Information received. 
  • Fraud – Pond View Dr – Identity theft from signing up for a loan that would be paid for with gift card purchases. 
  • Vehicle Tampering – Rose Dr – Juvenile entered a convertible for a photo. 
  • Training – Northstar Station – Officers attended a Northstar train emergency response training with BLFD. 

Friday, September 15, 2023

  • Traffic Complaint – Loon Dr – Report of yelling and racing noises on Mitchell Rd. Nothing found.
  • Traffic Complaint – Hwy 25/Co Rd 11 – Report of a vehicle approaching Big Lake. State Patrol located the vehicle. Assisted during the DWI investigation. Driver was arrested. 
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Karen Ln – Called to check a vehicle. Occupant was found to have a warrant and was arrested. Booked into Sherburne Jail. 
  • Community Policing – Lakeside Park – Stopped out at Movie in the Park. 
  • Suspicious Activity – Sanford Ave – Report of possible lewd activity. Investigated. 
  • Crash – Rose Dr – Vehicle drove into a building. Juvenile driver mistook the pedals. 
  • Agency Assist – Minnesota Ave – Called to school to assist with a juvenile pick up issue. 
  • Hit and Run – Eagle Lk Rd N/Minnesota Ave – Report taken. Investigation begun.
  • Juvenile Complaint – Sanford Ave – Parent asked for assistance with a juvenile situation. 
  • Fire Alarm – Turnberry Trl – Responded to residence. Likely faulty old detector. 
  • Fire Alarm – Norwood Ln – Responded. Alarm panel sounding. No problems found.

Thursday, September 14, 2023

  • Suspicious Person – Martin Ave – Requested contact with unknown person who threatened them. Investigated. 
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Corinne Dr – Report of possible luring situation. Investigation begun. Driver and vehicle were identified. Misunderstanding as to the exchange between the juvenile and driver. 
  • Warrant – Manitou St – Report of a party with a warrant at a residence. Party contacted and taken into custody. Transferred custody to Wright County Deputy. 
  • Agency Assist – 205th Ave – Called to assist with a juvenile running away from school. Officer was canceled as the juvenile returned with staff.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – 205th Ave – Located and contacted a vehicle behind the school. Investigated.

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

  • Suspicious Activity – Prairie Dr – Parties running around a park with flashlights. Concerned that damage would be caused. Contacted by officer. Family playing. 
  • Suspicious Activity – Station St – Possible invasion of privacy. 
  • Suspicious Activity – Pleasant Ave – Party running across the street all day, talking to a tree, and tried to get into a house. 
  • Crash – Hwy 10/172nd St – Assisted State Patrol with injury crash. 
  • Suspicious Activity – Lake St S – Party entered a residence without permission. 
  • Public Assist – Jefferson Blvd – Provided an escort for a piece of equipment traveling down the roadway.
  • Security Alarm – Shady Ln – Responded and checked. No problems found. 
  • Agency Assist – Shore Acres Dr – Contact a residence for a Sherburne Deputy. 
  • Traffic Complaint – Eagle Lk Rd N/Glenwood Ave – Request for more traffic control assistance at the intersection due to backup. 

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

  • Public Assist – Hwy 10/Industrial – Checked a vehicle on the side of the road. Driver had a flat tire but not the tools to replace with spare. The officer retrieved tools from the PD and assisted the motorist with the tire change. 
  • Traffic Complaint – 205th Ave – Possible high driver. Vehicle left prior to officer arriving. Unable to locate.
  • Agency Assist – Minnesota Ave – Assisted School Resource Officer with a juvenile that left school property without permission.
  • Crash – Eagle Lake Rd N/Glenwood Ave – Injury crash with two vehicles towed. 
  • Stop Arm Violation – Highland Trl/Inverness Way – Report received. Investigation begun.
  • Security Alarm – January St – Responded and checked residence. No problems found. 

Monday, September 11, 2023

  • Traffic Complaint – Rose Dr – Report of possible drinking while driving. Contact made with driver. No signs of impairment.
  • Traffic Complaint – Sterling Dr – Report of a vehicle driving fast through neighborhood. 
  • Property Damage – Maple Ln – Report taken.
  • Suspicious Activity – Norwood Ln – Report of people living in bushes. Checked. 
  • Crash – Hwy 10/Eagle Lk Rd – Officers watching for a traffic complaint for a vehicle coming into Big Lake from Elk River. Vehicle left the roadway and struck a sign in front of an officer. Contact made. DWI investigation conducted. Driver cited for several violations. 
  • Traffic Complaint – Minnesota Ave – Vehicles lined up along Minnesota Ave blocking driveways.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Norwood Dr- Unoccupied and parked in an odd location. Checked by officer.