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Week 4: Numbers Don’t Lie When It Comes To Nutrition

After changing up our menu a little bit to stoke our metabolism, in this last week of our 30-day challenge I lost 2.5 pounds. 

The numbers on the scale for Terri fluctuated all week as her body gets used to the new diet and she lost only half-a-pound.
But that mere weight drop didn’t discourage her as she continues to feel the enrichment this system has on her body from the inside out.
Through Terri’s (and mine) health insurance through her work and part of their health and wellness program, she and I need to see a clinician and have our biometrics done in order to earn money (up to $500) to be used towards medical services we receive throughout the year. Biometrics is a screening that provides baseline data for the company’s wellness program.
The screening involves the clinician checking the patient’s cholesterol levels, blood pressure, glucose and gives the patient a physiological age based on the findings.
Last year, Terri was told she had high cholesterol (227) and was warned to do something about it, including better diet and exercise. This week, her cholesterol came in at 152. Terri told me that number is better than one of her sisters who is taking cholesterol medication to maintain hers.
Terri’s blood pressure came in this week at 99 over 74. For a normal person, the “99”, or systolic number should be under 120 to be considered healthy. Her “74”, or diastolic number is said to be under 80. So, after being told last year her blood pressure put her in the pre-hypertension and high blood pressure range, these numbers were much more satisfactory.
Terri’s glucose (blood sugar) number came in at 86, precisely in the “normal” range doctors expect to see in a healthy person (between 70 and 99).
And finally, the doctors take all the biometric information and use it to give the patient a physiological age based on the findings. Last year, Terri was told she had the body and health of a 61-year-old woman (she’s 48). After Tuesday’s biometric results, she was told she had a healthy body of 47.
The only that changed from last year to this year was she is now filling her body with healthy foods and nutrients supplied by Isagenix.
By the way, I have yet to go in for my biometrics testing but can’t wait to get my results based on what Terri just received.
So, after being on Isagenix for 30 days (Saturday), Terri has lost 13 pounds and I have lost 14. But the real benefit of the program is evident in the numbers from Terri’s screening, the sinus problem of mine gone, the stomach issues Terri had  - gone, the intestinal issues Terri had -  gone, the acid reflux Terri was suffering from - gone...and the list goes on and on.
Next week in my final column, I’ll give you readers a full recap and final numbers along with my honest evaluation of the program from day one through day 30.
See you then!