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Weber releases 7th true crime thriller

Blue Cottage Agency and MoonFinder Press announce the release of Award Winning True Crime Author Frank F. Weber’s seventh book in his true crime mystery series, “The Haunted House of Hillman”.

Forensic Psychologist and author, Frank F. Weber, was at the Clearwater Great River Regional Library Wednesday to speak about his book, sign copies of his book and  gave a live demonstration of a lie detector test.

“The Haunted House of Hillman” (H2 OH) tells the story of Maddie Dehler and her remarkable escape. Still horror returns again and again to the same county in rural Minnesota, and eventually to the home Julia Adams built. The cases go cold until BCA Investigator, Jon Frederick, is called in to find a common thread to a series of crimes that appear unrelated. Jon’s relationship with Serena is put to the test by an old “friend.”  Serena makes a mistake with profound costs. Jon, despite his aversion to hauntings, and strains on his personal life, finds his way through the fog to solve the case. The book is based on a true case that  eluded resolution for years.

Weber is a forensic psychologist specializing in homicide, sexual assault and domestic abuse cases. He uses his unique understanding of how predators think, knowledge of victim trauma and expert testimony in writing his true crime thrillers. He has profiled cold case homicides and narrated an investigative show on Oxygen. He has been the recipient of the President’s Award from the Minnesota Correctional Association for his forensic work. His Award-Winning books include “Murder Book” (2017), “The I-94 Murders” (2018), “Last Call” (2019), “Lying Close” (2020), “Burning Bridges” (2021), “Black and Blue” (2022) and The Haunted House of Hillman (March 2023). For more information on Weber and his books visit 

Weber’s book is available where all books are sold.