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SUP Coalition meets in December via Zoom

The Sherburne County Substance Use Prevention Coalition (SUP) met Dec. 16 via Zoom to discuss connecting with a larger audience, vaping outreach and this year’s campaign, updating the resource list, the TETO campaign, information sharing and agency updates.

Consent Agenda

Roxanne Schreder gave a financial update along with funds currently available, matching funds garnered and remaining matching funds needed.

Schreder reminded everyone to continue to send their monthly output logs to her, as it is extremely important this year. (A new match form was included with the minutes for ease of reference for the coalition members.) 

Townsend Media Presentation

Ryan Priest discussed how the coalition can get their message across to a wider audience, as well as how they can increase the diversity of their presentation.

Discussion developed into how the SUP could get the message to adolescents including the using Snap Chat Instagram and Facebook. Coalition members agreed they are interested in other platforms.

Virtual Vape Prevention Outreach

Ryan Johnson is working with Hennepin County to create a five-part mental health series, with vaping prevention as the first component.  Hennepin County already has the program ready and are looking to find approximately five panelists from the area to answer questions, etc.  Johnson says he currently has law enforcement covered.

Johnson would like to know if anyone is interested in being on the panel via their SUP contacts. He also said he would like to do the parent education session in January or February. He went on to discuss potential panel participants affiliated with SUP and outreach.  Names and connections were provided for the Healthcare Sector along with a suggestion of the American Lung Association.

Resource List Update

Melissa Cribb said topics of interest may still be missing but a  FAQ sheet was created on the drive, though it was still empty at the time of the meeting. 

What are you hearing in your sector?, was one of the questions discussed along with Something you think of as a parent or professional?

The drive will be on the SUP website and potentially on STIR website when updated and topics to be submitted will center around mental health, court and chemical dependency.  Submittals do not have to have an answer but members are asked to think of frequently asked questions their sector may receive and input it into the form for further discovery.

Sticker Shock —Vape Focus

Schreder asked about interest garnered regarding the sticker shock campaign thus far. She asked about ideas for other businesses and Johnson plans to take the City of Roger’s Businesses and Paul Hickerson  will take Becker Businesses.  They are still looking for other volunteers and additional businesses to approach for participation in the activity.

TETO Campaign

Angie Charboneau-Folch discussed outreach options, including an updated billboard design and mailer. She said they could use a similar design from another community.

Discussion continued about continuing with the billboard, keeping the design, as well as if they want to focus on connectedness or stay with what they have. The group liked the branding of the past billboards for consistency, but a suggestion for possibly different colors to stand out to motorists again?

It was also suggested they could also try to do a “Check in with your child” focus theme as well.  Suicide Prevention was mentioned as well with a mental health focus since rates are up.

The coalition liked the visuals of the vaping devices on the board – possibly focusing on the amount of nicotine (or marijuana) since concentration levels are so high.

Nicole Stottlemyre indicated health concerns and photos of health issues due to vaping seem to be effective as of late for decreasing the use of vapes by youth per information she has received.  She said it was unknown if such a photo or information would work with the current cartoon type billboard effect, however.

Members suggested doing digital advertising in addition to billboards or mailers. They said they could get help with donations of in-kind from Franklin Outdoor Advertising, which is very appreciated.

Last year, it was noted, 384 ad clicks occurred on the video that was viewed 21,620 times the last time the coalition used this campaign tool.

The members discussed the digital advertising quote for future use for a display and video campaign.  Depending on extent of campaign, it could be up to $515 per week to address parents and teens in the Sherburne County area, depending on the strategy picked.

Members determined communications/outreach plan—considered adult and youth engagement and mentioned  social norm messaging during retreat.

Information Sharing/Agency Updates

Chief Deputy Don Starry officially retired on New Year’s Eve.  SUP Member Captain Bob Stangler was promoted to Commander of Operations. Several other shifts in positions will be occurring at the Sheriff’s office in the coming month.

Know the Truth has provided webinar and outreach to two schools in Sherburne County with follow up through small groups.  It was noted it has been a successful program thus far.

Other News

• Articles are needed for SUP monthly newsletter by the third Monday of the month and can be sent to Schreder;

• Local disposal boxes (Sheriff’s Office, Becker and Big Lake PD) now will accept pills liquids and lotions. New signage has arrived and will be placed in Sheriff’s Office and police stations;

• Deterra Drug activation kits are available - 640 kits available for individuals and organizations that could use/share these to dispose of unused and expired meds.

Up Next

The coalition’s next meeting is Wed., Jan. 20 at 9 a.m. via Zoom.