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School Board welcomes new members

The Becker School Board met for the first time in the new year two weeks ago and welcomed four new members.

On Jan. 9, the school board met for their regularly scheduled meeting. This meeting was the organizational meeting and consisted of a number of consent agenda votes to prepare for the calendar year. All members were present including newly elected members Pete Weismann, Troy Berning, Corey Stanger and Ryan Hubbard.

The meeting opened with each of the new and returning elected members being sworn in with the ceremonial oath of office.

Following the oath was the election of new officers. The following nominations were made and approved through acclamation:

Chair: Aaron Jurek - nominated by Troy Berning; Vice-Chair: Connie Robinson - nominated by Pete Weismann; Clerk: Pete Weismann - nominated by Troy Berning; Treasurer: Ryan Hubbard - Nominated by Corey Stanger.

The committee assignments were updated.

There was no public comment.

A presentation was made by Intermediate School Principal, Nat Boyer and on their new SEL curriculum, which aligns with one of Becker Public Schools’ Strategic Plan under Student Growth and Achievement and Safety and Well-Being. 

“If you would like to support the SEL fundraiser taking place at the Intermediate School, please reach out to the Intermediate Office,” said Supt. Jeremy Schmidt.

The Superintendent Report included updates on the MSBA Conference, which will take place  Jan. 12-13 for board members. Schmidt also gave an update on the district strategic plan. In addition, there was sharing of the nomination opportunity for board members to serve on the RT&S Board, a facility update, and information relevant to the first Monday in January Organizational Board Meeting.

Student News

Student School Board Representatives, Kayla G. and Emilia H. spoke about the school yearbook, winter sports (basketball, dance, wrestling, gymnastics, hockey all continuing to do very well overall in their events). They also shared information on the One-Act Play practice and on the 26th, there is subsection competition. Hallway decorating took place in December and the winner was announced upon the return to school. 

Robotics hosted a season kickoff event this past weekend. Student council had door decorations and events for the holidays. Speech has begun meeting and workshopping and NHS has completed a number of service projects over the first few months of the school year.

Consent Agenda

The consent agenda was passed on a unanimous vote after item 5H, Designate Official Newspaper was pulled. Other items on this specific agenda included: • Set Annual Agenda for Board Meetings; • Designate Sherburne State Bank as Official Depository; • Designate Bergen KDV, Ltd as Auditor; • Designate Kennedy and Graven as Legal Counsel; • Designate Patriot News as Official Newspaper; • Designate School Board Meeting Dates (First Monday of each month, with a few exceptions due to holidays - July 10th, September 11th); • Authorize Superintendent and Business Manager to Conduct EFT’s; • Authorize Director of Transportation to Schedule Routes and Establish Stops; • Approval of the Indoor Air Quality Plan; • Resolution Establishing Combined Polling Places; • Authorize Superintendent and Business Manager to Enter Into/Sign Contracts.

Other Items

Gifts were also approved and recognized on a unanimous vote. 

“Thank you to everyone who has supported our school programs with donations,” said Schmidt.

A discussion took place on the 2023-2024 School Calendar. The calendar was approved on a unanimous vote.

A review of policies 102-Equal Educational Opportunity, 202 - School Board Officers, 203 - Operation of the School Board-Governing Board, 203 - 1 - School Board Procedures; Rules of Order, 203 - 6 - Consent Agendas took place. Policy 208 provides the opportunity to review policies in a single reading if no substantive changes take place. Policy 208 also provides for each policy needing to be reviewed/updated once every three years. Policies 201 - Legal Status of the School Board, 203.2-Order of the Regular School Board Meeting, 223 - Strategic Goals and 534 - School Meals were approved following a second reading on a 6-0 vote.

The Meeting was adjourned at 7:23 pm.

Reminder: The February Regular Board Meeting will take place Feb. 6 at 6:30 p.m.