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Schendzielos & Son, Driveway Services Awarded New 3 Year Contracts

Road maintenance and snowplowing were the main topics of conversation during Tuesday’s Clear Lake Twp. meeting.

The board reviewed bid forms for “snowplowing of town roads” and “hourly road maintenance services” that will be granted on a three-year contract.
Quotations and bids were tabulated and presented to the Board of Supervisors Tuesday and Schendzielos & Son was awarded the contract for snowplowing with Driveway Services the contract for road maintenance services.
Twp. Engineer Terrance VanderEyk discussed the steep incline at the corner of 71st Street and the edges of bituminous that are slipping.  Eyk presented the supervisors with a preliminary estimate for subgrade repair of that road and  the estimate came to a total of $32,662.67.  
The report included having a company do two borings on the road to check the soil at a cost of $700. The borings would help Eyk figure out why the road is continually having problems.  
The supervisors liked the idea of having the borings and soil testing done first before proceeding with a complete repair of road.  
Eyk also mentioned that there are some washouts on 71st Street.  Todd Schendzielos was assigned to fix them.
Seal coating for Clear Lake Twp. roads will start when the rain stops.  The project should be completed by the July board meeting.
Clear Lake History
The Clear Lake History Book project continues to progress with the committee seeking volunteers to help conduct oral interviews, transcribe oral interviews, be fact checkers b editors (at a later time), scan the Clear Lake Times for interesting subjects(to be done at Sherburne County History Center) and to transcribe old township record books.
The committee also needs photographs, articles and stories of Clear Lake businesses, farms and people.
The next Clear Lake History Book project meeting is June 23 at 7 p.m. at the Clear Lake Twp. Hall.
Other News
• The sheriff’s report was read and recorded. There were 117 incidents reported, 61 of which were traffic stops.  The number of traffic stops has more than doubled since last month;
• Bud Stimmler gave a quick report on happenings at Clear Lake Twp. Park and said he planted flowers in the park to add some color.  He also is having sentence-to-serve spread black dirt in the dog park.
The next Clear Lake Twp. meeting is July 15 at 7 p.m.