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Santiago plans for Annual Meeting

The Santiago Township Board met on Wednesday, March 8 for their regularly scheduled monthly meeting, with preparations for the Annual Meeting on the agenda.

Road Supervisor Dave Jehoich presented three items that he wanted added to the list for possible expenditures from the Road and Bridge fund. There are approximately five miles of roadway that need crack sealing and then the township will be up to date on all the asphalt maintenance.  In addition, there is ditch brushing on 175th and a few other selected roads that needs to be accomplished.  Supervisors Stu Nelson and Jeff Pappenfus agreed, and the board asked Treasurer Patty Simonsmeier to get those three projects on the list for presentation to the general public at the Annual Meeting.

Sgt. Dan Frank was at the meeting to detail last month’s 62 calls for service, including 20 traffic stops. Despite the installation of dynamic speed signs at both ends of town, speeding continues to be an issue. Frank noted that enforcement efforts are ongoing and violators are being educated with tickets in an attempt to slow the traffic down and change human behavior.

He also reminded the board that as of April 1, ATVs will be prohibited from operating in the ditches of roadways. This prohibition takes place each year on April 1 due to the Migratory Bird Act. 

The board and firefighter Dave Dahlheimer next discussed several issues related to the well and pump at the Town Hall, with Traut Companies scheduled to come take a look at why the well is being over-pressurized.  Efforts are also underway to replace exterior lights on the building, while this summer there are plans to add power and lights in the park pavilion.

In budget related news, Simonsmeier relayed that the fire contract for the upcoming year had been increased by $5,000 and this will be reflected in the proposed budget at the annual meeting.

After a brief discussion, the board acted upon advice from the Minnesota Association of Townships and temporarily suspended any new rentals of the Town Hall until the rental agreement could be revised.

The board reminded the audience that the annual clean up day has been scheduled for 8 a.m. until Noon on April 29. Volunteer Shelly Jehoich has been busy making plans for the day, with the event being held at Centra-Sota.